Good Looking Celebrities (or not)

Now I understand that most arrsers don't have much in the way of standards when it comes to the fairer sex, preferring of course women in the big fat lady category (why else do squadies get shagged so much) but..................

would anyone of you do these *snicker* celebrities *giggle*

Don't even like this one WITH makeup

Once a munter always a munter

My favourite from friends - who would have thought

Heather would have soooo gotten it...........many moons ago

Julia Roberts - not aging well methinks

What a difference

This is so sad..... I Looooooved Pamela

and my personal favourite

Whose the worst

Whose the best

are there any more pics out in cyberspace

Questions, questions, questions, that all arrsers need to answer. :)
Comparing a perfectly innocent horse to a pre-op transexual is just plain cruel.
Spank-It, you have too much time on your hands looking for the 'munter' versions. Stick with fantasy man!


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I would shag every single one of them, then laugh all the way to the papers/magazine/random internet site.

Just think of the money you could make from a film of you banging Britney Spears up the wrong un, or of miss Flockheart with a marrow up her clack. You would be minted.
Angelina Jolie and J Lo would still get it up the wrong un !
mark1234 said:
Drew Barrymore looks good in both photos.

Also this is Arrse not OK magazine.
Agree with both of your statements. :thumleft:
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