Good lad, drink it up, it's good for you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. To save me clicking through to read the item, who did the toddler serve the whisky to?
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  2. They only charged for lime juice and water, so what's the complaint about.

    It was toddler happy hour.
  3. "Sonny had taken about 10 sips - he was obviously intoxicated" Fucking lightweight.
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  4. Stupid name for a girl as well.
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  5. Taken to A&E for observation? It was only a double for Christ's sake! At the sprog's age I could have observed;

    'You're pissed and your mum's a munter, and no, you can't have a kebab'.
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  6. Ha ha, thats the shithole in which I currently reside.
    The staff obviously knew they were from Pontarddulais and were trying to cheer the kid up.
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  7. always good to wean toddlers on new drinks, but is this going a bit far!
  8. Stupid name, full stop. Mind you ,if your surname is Delight there is just a chance you could get away with it.
  9. [Whah shield OFF]

    Such are our irrational licensing laws (in England), that provided food was being served - it is quite legal to serve alcohol to a minor - of whatever age !!

    It may not be sensible, but it is not illegal !! :|

    [Whah shield ON]
  10. It didn`t happen in England.
  11. It's not good form though for a drunken toddler to tell the A&E Doc.......'Fuck off you shitcunt!'
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  12. Linky? I went for a meal with my daughters and bought myself a vodka and coke, which my 17 year old ended up drinking. During the meal, I had to leave the table, and on my return found that the waitress had come to the table and seeing my daughter drinking asked her to prove her age. When she couldn't do so, the waitress took the drink away.

    Are you not confusing it with children being allowed in a pub if there is food being served?
  13. Slow fucking news day in Wales then.

    Anyway, his mum would get it (well, this is the Naafi).
  14. Hospital for 10 "sips" of whiskey?

    Weak creature.