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while you lot are whingeing about your half empty glasses, how about some awards for the best bit of kit, any era, try and stick to issue stuff but feel free to put up a nomination for something you had to buy, never know who might be reading and get a bright idea ;)

my nomination, I like the  CS95 Gloves, and the goretex waterproofs go a long way to making life a bit more comfortable, not the best available by a long shot but a lot better than those crappy plastic bags we used to have to wear...

The floor is open ladies and gents.

p.s. Biscuits Fruit  ;D


Good kit is tricky as you take it for granted.  Being a fan of  sleeping and as I no longer have to wrestle it in to a bergan, I'm a lover of the issue scratcher.  Many a good kip in that bandit.  

I've always wondered about the evolution of the average Tom but I would have thought that most, if not all, would have opposeable thumbs with which to fill their cuff holes.

Surely the best bit of kit ever issued has to be the Jersey Heavy Wool.  Warm and wooly, like a Welshman's fantasy, the thing cannot be defeated.  There is also the added benefit that you can look like a 1970s soldier after a few days growth in the field.  I cannot believe the powers that be are withdrawing them from issue.  I shall be keeping mine.  Failing that, a dirty protest in the QM's office will get the message across.


I agree with the Jersey Heavy Wool as a great bit of kit. Is it to late for us to start an ARRSE campaign to keep it as issue?

When we gonna get softees issued?


the CS95 system is good but we need to be allowed to wear it instead of going backwards to the JHW although good it is out of date and not as durable.......or as easy to iron


What's more you can brainwash your children in to becoming Army murderers from an early age by sticking a spare JHW in the tumble drier.  Heh presto, little jonny ready for battle.

On the same subject, the short bullpup design of SA80 and the small (old favourite) ETH were both adopted because you could get your kids playing with them from about 6.  Baden Powell would be proud.
Wot about artic kit. Socks are quality for keeping your tootsies warn in a CP tent on long exercises in Germany.

Those artic cam whites are gleaming too. Never actually warn them for cam except S.Armargh but always a great fancy dress item.


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i have to say my favorite bit of issue kit is the pre 1985 pattern combat suit. the old cotton double lined jacket and trousers. Ok in hot weather a pain but almost indestructable even in obua training. unlike 85,90,95 replacements


C95 Jacket, much better than any of its predecessors.
Pro boots - so good that they've stopped issuing them!


SLR, only problems... no fully auto capability, mag not big enough.   "No use hiding behind that wall Mick"
Humble hexamine!  You can carry it in your webbing, use it with old nails, stones or bits of knackered vehicles, and one day you really need it.  Truly an all-time great (strange but true)!
Yes and isn’t hexamine such a good substitute for Kendal Mint Cake when bartering in those far flung locations we are sent for our hols?   :p


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Have to agree about SLR at least it was  difficult to break. You could use LMG mags on them if the springs were reasonably new.


Ah! but the ole matchstick trick did the full auto, alas the barrel melted. :D Going back to the days of yore.... Enfield No 4, BDs, those stupid V neck pullys that u had to wrap around yr back, Denims!!!!!!
44 Webbing, A41 radios, when u jumped out of the back of the truck and fell on yr back(bitch) and couldn't get up for two days....blah, blah, Oh, I nearly forgot.. for the Bleeps.. "Lightweight Canadian 48 ft masts.... Hahahahahahahaha! 8) Oh, and as an aside, the Pinzgeaur (sic) cos its always on its side :p

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