Good Job Muslim Women Have A Good Sense of Humour

So, today I was tasked with taking a group shot/photo of Muslim women, all in traditional dress, complete with Hijab, covering all but there eyes’s.

Now I think my people management skills are pretty good, so I got them all together, got in position with my camera and said: “Right ladies, right into the lens and Big Smile.’ at which point they all fell about laughing.

Felt like a right fekkin idiot.
Any open scarf shots??


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phwoooooooar...look at the eyes on
Why do women in full hijab still bother to take each other's photo in front of famous places when the go on holiday? Saw a couple of Muslim women (least i assume they were women) doing it in Chester the other day!
I'm still kicking myself that I didn't have my camera when I saw two of them in full black rig on a pedalo in Phuket.

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