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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunnerfalkey, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. He guys i need a top quality uber warm civi jacket for cutting about in.

    Any recommendations?
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    If you're talking strictly civvy, I always favour Berghaus Products, I go trekking alot and berghaus has never let me down.

    If you're after something to put under your issued jacket, you can't go far wrong with a Buffalo, although most on here will say Softie, the trusty Buffalo has never let me down, I'm such a sad ba4tard i even cut about in it wearing civvies.

    At the end of the day, you find the brands that do the job and you stick with them!
  3. Belstaff Trialmaster or Barbour International.
  4. I've got a preference for the North Face Nupste 700. It's horrendously warm, and very comfortable. The only down side is that it does make you look like the Michelin man, but all in all, a very good bit of kit.
  5. Harrington.
  6. There was a thread on this a while back, Im sure the end vote went to Rab.
  7. I do occasional powerboating and Musto jackets are good. Bicester Retail Village have a factory outlet.
  8. second the north face! loverly, snug and warm. looks ally too :)
  9. North Face kit is very good indeed. You might need one of their holdalls to keep your jacket in when you're not wearing it though.
  10. You want warm? Try Yeti
  11. Have you seen the prices on Belstaffs?
    They used to be £30 well spent.
    Barbour only worn on Sunday going to church and choir practise.
  12. Not a Trialmaster
  13. Try out the Mountain Hard Wear range, yes it's made in China, but then again so is North Face (also beware of snide gear on ebay), also I've been told of issues over quality of North Face products now that there a volume supplier. Mountian Hardware do not go for volume and prfer a niche market, at least if its made in the far east at least Mountain Hardwears kit's very well made!

    There Down jackets are good, “Gortex” kit fantastic and the Monkey man fleece is the muts nuts; down size is the gears a bit pricy...

  14. Echo the above, Mountain Hardwear is excellent kit even despite being made in the far east. North Face is nothing more than a fashion brand now with only their duffle bags really standing the test of time. MH came about from TNFs technical director becoming disenfranchised with what was being produced and he subsequently branched out.
    If you want warm, the Rab Neutrino Endurance is the one. Used mine in lieu of a softie and it saved my bacon on the hills in an Afghan winter. Rab Primaloft range is the bees knees as far as warmth to weight ratio goes and and seriously cosy.
    If you want the best then take a look at
  15. Whilst I do agree it is now semi 'fashionable' to cut about in North Face kit, it is still excellent kit, I've never had any problems with any of their products (no, I'm not on commission!), plus you also get the lifetime return and replace guarantee if anything goes wrong with it.

    To each their own though :)