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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by alice-cooper, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Are there any good instructors out there now; what makes a good instructor.

    In my experience, too many of them think that they do not need to prep up and can just bung on a powerpoint show and bore me to death

    Watcha think
  2. Are there any good students out there?

    Too many of them think they do not need to do any prep and just switch off during a powerpoint show and then bore everyone to death on an internet site.

    Watcha think?

  3. Prep and lesson plans is half the battle. The other half is subject knowledge, which gives confidence.

    I avoid Powerpoint as much as possible, and if I do use it, its generally as a very visual aid only. I did a lecture for army cadets on camouflage and concealment, which was all colour pictures. No text, but lots of discussion and questions to and from the class. Fancy powerpoint graphics and dissolves just make you look like you know a lot about .ppt but little else.

    Research, apparently has found that if you use text, people learn from text. If you use images, people learn from images. If you mix the two, it causes confusion and parts of the message are lost, because the same area of the brain processes text and images, but not at the same time or in the same way.
  4. A 'fishing trip' maybe.....but good comeback Micawber.
  5. An excerpt of a recent article in 'Metro'

    In ref to Powerpoint Presentations (US) 'In a hail of bullets'

    "It's dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control, he said: Some problems in the world are not bullet-isable, other commanders say Powerpoint discourages decision-making and discussion and keeps junior officers, called Powerpoint Rangers, occupied preparing slides.

    Brig Gen HR McMaster (29/04/10)
  6. Obviously never sat through an underwater knife fighting course :D
  7. Nice try, no one will fall for that.

    You don't sit down on that course.
  8. What makes a good instructor?

    C- confidence
    M- manner
    A- attitude
    D- diligence
    E- enthusiasm

    And firm but fair and friendly.

    There you go textbook answer.
  9. Sorry .....I've gone all faint after seeing


    I must go and lie down. (Wanders off, shaking head.....)
  10. A 'Competent' on the DIT course?
  11. My bold: I also had raised eyebrowsed at that wording :wink:

    Mind you looking at the article it's PP diagramme which is even 'more' confusing :lol: