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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adam_86, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. Im new to this site but can tell some might give me shite for this,
    though i have applied to join to forces and have done the barb/int etc and jus have my adsc left, my first choice is the parachute regiment,but not to sure about second choice,i was originally goin to pick rifles but have read there are a few rubbish regiments that formed them, What i am lookin for is can anyone tell me what are some good second option regiments with a good reputation?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    I think you'll find the regiments that have made up The Rifles are very well respected and have history that can be traced back many years. Reputations differ from person to person. Why not put down your local Regiment as your 2nd choice?
  3. Im from Australia but born in england,Bristol is where im stayin so have been told 1 rifles(Devonshire/Dorset) are my town/local regiment though i dont think i would get in though as alot of ppl are putting in for it .Im just curious as i have researched alot but every individual battalion site claims there the best,so would like the opinions of those who know a little bit about the subject
  4. Perhaps the Royal Australian Regiment might b ethe go for you blue. There are no rubbish regiments in the British Army .
  5. yeh sorry to say rubbish as i know that they are not,but its what i have read and heard,and id rather not join the aus army as,well to be honest the british kick some serious arrse
  6. If you want the Paras then go the Paras. You dont need a second choice. I didnt even fill out that part of the form. If thats what you want, then go for it. Why settle for second best?
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I suggest you try The Barsetshires, or maybe the Midshires. I've just finished reading about them in a 'training pamphlet' and they seemed to do very well in Italy, France, germany and Malaya in last war.
  8. If you want Para then go for it, but remember that the scope is limited to Light Role. The Rifles on the other hand have Commando (1 Rifles) Light Role (2 & 3 Rifles), Mechanised (4 Rifles) and Armoured (5 Rifles). Although I would never knock wanting to be a Para I think that you would have a more varied career in the Rifles. They also have alliances with the following Aussie regiments:

    Monash University Regiment
    Melbourne University Regiment
    11th/28th Battalion, The Royal Western Australia Regiment
    The Royal New South Wales Regiment

    So, to sum it up, putting the Rifles down as second choice wouldn't be a bad thing.
  9. I remember being told by a para that other infantry regiments only do 5 mile marches. I remember being suspicious about this at the time so would be interested in non para infantrymen have to say about that.
  10. the problem with the regimental system is that other regiments are often seen as shite. "no other regiment is as good as MY regiment". sadly, i too held these silly views for years when i was younger.

    as previously mentioned, there are no shite regiments in the british army, apart from the welsh of course!!!!
  11. ps,

    only kidding!!!!

  12. 5 miles? I've marched further than that to get to the bloody armoury down at Hythe! On ex it depends on who wrote the training package but I can remember tabbing across the 'plain on more than 1 occassion, about 20 odd miles a go. So mm, it seems that you were being fed a healthy diet of bullshit.
  13. Did you belive him? If so your smart enough to jump out of airplanes..... :roll:
  14. He was probably referring to the old friday morning TAB
    Never seen line go over 8 personally.
  15. I seem to remember doing 10 mile bashes and I was in REME.