Good indoors aerobic workout

Does anyone have any ideas for a good indoors aerobic workout? Now that the roads are unusable for bikes or running, and the drive to the gym/pool may be un-necessarily complicated, can anyone come up with a good 20-minute workout to keep fitness ticking over?
Burpees (Try doing 100 timed). Skipping. Tabata intervals (Have a look on google for ideas).
smudge67 said:
A 5 woman "razzle stack" should do the job.
How am I going to get 5 women through the snow? Waitrose don't deliver you know.


Kit Reviewer
Whiskey_60 said:
smudge67 said:
Whiskey_60 said:
Just get out in the snow, I did a boot run this morning in a foot of snow it was uh... Interesting :D
Why? Loser.
It makes me feel like a man, the missus is more appreciative of me doing it that way rather than beating her.
Can't you do both? Using your damp, musty smelling socks as a cosh with a few oranges stuffed down them?

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