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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by newlynpirate, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Added: Saturday, 6 January, 2007, 14:23 GMT 14:23 UK

    I'm 15 and I went on a 'Look at Life' course with the Royal Engineers in Surrey a few months back, and the accomodation we were in for 4 days was atrocious, there were 2 showers to share between 35 of us, most of the lockers to put our kit in were broken,the majority of beds were broken,the lights in the toilets did'nt work and some didnt flush , the only chance to get a drink of water was in the cookhouse, i.e. no running drinking water in the block! Is this the way to recuit new soldiers?!

    Lewis Collins, Helston

    Well what can you say............they did get a good look at life !!!

  2. Wait till you go on operations son!

    It is acceptable to whinge about conditions, everyone else does!
  3. take it that remark is not directed towards myself but the child that took part in the LAL crs.
  4. What?!?!?!?! Water in the cookhouse? WTF is he whinging about? It's positively 4 star!

    Shandy drinking, trainer-and-burberry-wearing, long haired, pot smoking, ASBO'd TOSSER!

  5. Hahahaha yeah mate... I thought you were Lewis Collins... I was going to make some remark about you lying about your age because 'The Professionals' ended well over 15 years ago and what was Gordon Jackson like in real life!

    My apologies mate! :D
  6. Hahahaha :D

    It's what you are getting nowadays. There should be a minimum age limit of 21!
  7. And a maximum of 40, jsut so long as you ain't got a ASBO!
  8. Fcking amen to that :D

    Man, I know I was a thick little turd at his age to about 21
    but at least I didn't have an asbo (well they didn't have them in my day)or gob off. Thus keeping my good looks to this day!
  9. Aaaahh, alas-alack, I didn't get ASBO'd, but neither did I keep my model features. They got rather smashed up in fights-too-numerous-to-mention beforehand, and during, and actually, after too!
  10. Sounds like the kid might be in the cadets. I'm sorry but since when have cadets got running tap water in the block? lol Look at Beckingham. There must be enough for about 300 cadets there and if most of them are boys there is 1 tap in each of the two shower blocks which is drinking water? You can drip if you want to but whats the point in going to the press? Aaaahhhh they're all c*nts.
  11. Truly marvellous. I've been meaning to join this site for ages, and Lewis has forced my hand. I run the courses that Lewis attended, and I agree that the accommodation is not great. In its defence, it is transit accommodation, used by hundreds of soldiers during the year, all of whom are on short courses. I am acutely aware of the situation, but can do nothing because the powers that be insist on spending large sums of money on huge nuclear deterrants, huge transport aircraft, huge aircraft, and BIG SHINY ENGINEER VEHICLES. Nice of him to air his views on this, insted of coming to talk to me about it.
    So far, about 3000 students have attended this course, and he's the first to complain. Oh well, he is interested in becomming an officer, so someone else will turn the light on for him!!

    My first entry. Sorry, they will get better!!!!!

    Well what can you say............they did get a good look at life !!![/quote]
  12. [/quote]

    is anything he said untrue?
  13. Probably not, but then the cadets have always been accomodated in the most god-awful pits available, and still are (mate of mine works in a CTT)

    I remember having much the same experience when I was a Cadet in some place in Folkestone. Can't remember the name, but it was a long time ago. (We were wearing puttees!) :oops:

    I don't think the kid's a cadet. They'd be used to it. Sounds like a brat that's too used to his home comforts.
  14. The point being that money allocated for accommodation should be spent on SFA and SLA, after all these are places where people have to live. The bare minimum should be spent on transit accommodation where people spend a week or two there on courses or visits, in which case they should be so busy all they want to do is get their napper down at the end of a day (or finish the working day, get on the lash, swamp the bed and don't care if the waters for drinking or not!).

    Most people with an ounce of brainpower would not expect the same standards of transit accommodation as would be expected from SLA.
  15. [/quote]

    Welcome ex-wedge - Shouldn't you be changing light bulbs or similar? :)
    And as for Lewis - Bless 'im!