Good Hotels in Terahn?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. So then, by default it has reared its ugly head in the public domain; many times speculated upon, frequently heavily hinted at Iran stands accused of murder, assassination and harbouring and training terrorrism.

    How can we PC ourselves out of this one without using the Israelis or the US?

    Answers on a postcard to 'Tony' alternatively you can snail e-mail

  2. Don't know of any decent hotels, but I understand that the Bobby Sands Snack Bar (no, I am *not* joking....) is a good place to grab a bite to eat.

    Presumably, 'Private views expressed by an official, taken out of context and not representative of HMG's policy. We remain committed to working for a resolution to our difficulties with the Iranian government and re-iterate the Foreign Secretary's remarks on 4 November 2004 and repeated subsequently that an attack against or war with Iran is inconceivable, etc, etc, etc.'? It appears that the FCO has a ready made 'Ingratiate yourself with Tehran despite some obvious problems' policy - see
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Back in late 80's I used to talk to people who'd done time in Iran on business visits ( and yes, there is a lot of business to be had there - ask Westinghouse or Schlumberger or indeed Rolls Royce)

    In answer to your question LWM, the old Sheraton was thought to be okay, if a bit near the centre for traffic and pollution....a guy I went for a beer with recently who worked in the oil industry there in the Shah's time says that the Holiday Inn was bearable.

    ...and here's a tip from a local:

    well...if you and Arik (Sharon not the one who occasionally pops up here) get your apparent wishes, Kate Adie and Rageh Omar will at least have somewhere nice to stay while they are commenting on how the cruise missiles turned RIGHT at the lights.....

    Sadly LWM, I won't be there alongside you....more likely to be sitting in Grosvenor Square with a placard - VERY 1968 deja vu.....

    Le Chevre
  4. Yeah...but at the Terahn 'old Sheraton' I hear you gotta bring your own
    'Ayatollah-Rolla' if planning to 'sit' on the Loo's 'Pee-Cock Thrown'...
    (so to speak)