Good hotel in Aldershot?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Goose, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Not having been in the shot for some time can anyone recommend a decent hostelry where I may spend a week in comfort?
  2. Sadly not!

    The holiday inn farnborough is probably your best best for a half decent hotel, however there is also a travel inn type place near tescos, staggering distance from Cheeks!
  3. Potters International is quite smart but not sure how much. It's on the A325 by Montgomery Lines but as was said up there ^ the Travel Inn is staggering distance for the town.
  4. There used to be a good overnight stay in the Guard Room in Buller Barracks. Full bed and board and even some drill lesson included!!!
  5. Try and pull one of the dancers in Tiffanys.
  6. I've driven past that building a few times. Didn't realise it was a hotel (an hotel?). :oops:
  7. You're excused Bovvy, its not obvious. I suspect that they've kept it all a bit low-key to discourage the locals. :wink:
  8. Can't remember the name of it but there's a good one on the start of the Hog's Back - Aldershot end.
  9. It might be that I'm distracted drooling over the Aston Martin in the garage opposite (or is that further up/down the A325?)
  10. Theres a Travel Lodge type hotel behind Tesco's which is cheap and cheerful enough. Its only a quick stagger back from town and has a pub/restaurant in it as well.
  11. Its not quite opposite, but it is close.
    Swish hotels and Aston Martins. Anyone reading this thread, who's not familiar with Farnborough, probably has a mental picture of somewhere Cheltenhamesque. You'd be disappointed.
  12. The Jack-Daniels Inn, with a swimmingpool in the backgarden.

  13. This hotel opened last year and is still offering cheaper rates than the HI Farnborough so definitely worth a look.
  14. Would that be the Hogs Back Hotel?