good hard worker in manchester needing a job

hi i am looking for any knid of job from office to labouring i am a hard working person and dont care how many hours i work aslong as it puts food on the table. i dont have any qualifications but im not a stupid person i know how to do alot of things. i used to be an apprentice mechanic until my garage closed i can take an engine out and put it back in within 1day.

any1 with any jobs in manchester please pm me i live in south manchester but will travel anywhere thank you
Good luck bud..........follow the example of those you see a picture of in the press........make yourself a large bill-board and advertise yourself at the roadside during the rush hour. I believe some 'hirers' see this as a good positive attitude!

Keep us posted as to how you get on...........if you can do the engine bit.....what about the REME!!


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if you know your way around a bar, I can point you to a few people who hire for United and City's grounds for match days - they do a lot of the racecourses up north as well. not brilliant money, but if you know what you're doing it can be ok.

I also used to work for this lot as a doorman - long hours, but some interesting work from time to time -
Cheers lads got a job at parcel net untill i get back in the army and Golden eagle i haven't got a science GCSE so i cant join the reme which is rather stupid

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