Good Grief!!!

Jesus Christ anyone smell a bus stop, poor thing should have been put in a sandbag at birth!!


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Thats so sad for the child....
I'm not PC by any means, but the best thing that kid (or its parents) could do is cut the lot off straight away.

I mean HOLY CRAP its bad enough being a gwaaaa but a sasquach at the same time... 8O
jarrod248 said:
that mother has been shagging about with an orang-utan it's quite clear the dirty bitch whore.
You owe me a new PC - I've just sprayed it with coffee
dpcw said:
Thats so sad for the child....
What about us? our eyes are still stinging and my monitors full of coffee!
Lets hope the parents dont split up. Some poor tosser will be ending up with that for a stepdaughter.

The Mum is to blame though for letting a ginge pollute the gene pool.
I tried, I tried, I tried.....................

....................and I f├╝cking failed :D

Cue coffee over the monitor, weird looks in the office and a set of ribs that are now aching !
Fuck me, it looks like an extra from a Star Wars film.

The parents should have their reproductive organs removed and thrown in a skip.
I bet the father will be asking some pretty searching questions of his beau.


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Brilliant! See, god doesn't exist, 'cos if he does, he's an old testament EVIL B@STARD!! :twisted: !
Bugly said:
Who do the parents leave it with when they're at school or are there creche facilities for the fourth year now ?

I'm guessing Porton Down had something to do with it. As for the parents, I'll wager they are somehow related by blood.
smartascarrots said:
I bet the father will be asking some pretty searching questions of his beau.

I doubt it. Take a closer look at the picture, why do you think that he has shaved all his hair off?????
Am I the only one on Arrse who wants a Gwar daughter?*

*How ever I want my future son to be dark like me other wise the OH will be in trouble :D

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