good friends moving away

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. A good friends mum died and suddenly she needs to move to where she was brought up.
    our daughters are like sisters and i know my daughter will miss her mate awfully.
    The mums brother killed himself on new years day 2000 and that throws a huge spanner in.
    Any advice on how to deal with this would be good.
    I have told them to keep in touch and that we will miss them BTW
    Keep the man up posts to yourselves please.
  2. This is the NAFFI so don't expect any sympathy but good luck

    Send photo of daughter and friend
  3. Is she under 40 blonde, slim and fit? Move in here if she is....................till i get sick of her.
  4. They could make a nice video to remember each other
  5. she is 36
    but a tad podgy
    her fella is twenty three years older
    they are both great folk.
    there are no dirty pics
    they are both lovely folk
    typing this is cathartic
    any replies are good. Any offers of sex to cheer me up will be looked at carefully
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  6. How old are you ?
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  7. He didn't fuck around with his New Year's resolution, did he?
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  8. No charge.

  9. What do you call a "tad podgy"? Is she fat or what? i don't want me arse being burnt on the lightbulb !

    I don't want a fat munter either...........
  10. Is there a role for your rabbit in all this?
  11. Fuck buddy moves away, the end.
  12. Obviously he resolved to top himself. A hard but successful task-master
  13. She wore a mauve see through neglige, he panted, pulse quickened as he glimpsed the shape of her breasts. Her erect nipples made him notice a growth in his underwear, he moved his hand lower it was a growth, he'd got cock cancer the fucking pussy.
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  14. Do you live in Coronation Street?
    MumsNet will probably give you a better shoulder to cry on.
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  15. Kinhell Jarrod , got to hand it to were in like flynn there....1 min