Good foreign war films

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Einer Kam Durch (starring Hardy Krüger and about escaping from Canada back to Germany)
U47 - Kapitänleutnant Prien (a true story)
Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage (as good as the Verhoefen version, if not better)
08/15 (actually a trilogy, but very good)
Hunde, Wollt Ihr Ewig Leben? (centred on the battle for Stalingrad)
Des Teufels General (starring Curd "Kutte" Jürgens)
Das Boot
So Weit Die Füße Tragen (As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me)
Im Westen Nichts Neues (All Quiet On The Western Front)

Saw that recently, good choice! Also worth googling too,because it's supposedly based on a true story.
It really is based on a true story, RT. It's about the escape and return to Germany of Flying Officer Franz von Werra. He's supposed to be the only Allied POW who ever escaped, but there are numerous other claims to that. However, he's certainly the only one who made it back to Germany and then continued fighting the war, until he was killed when his kite's engine packed up and he hit the drink off the Dutch coast.

I don't know if there's a version of the filum in English, since I've only ever watched it in German, but I'm glad you enjoyed it, for I know I did.

Here's an article from Wicki about Franz von Werra:

There is indeed a version of it in English. I thought Kruger gave an excellent performance (almost as if he'd worn German uniform before! :wink: )
The original film about von Werra starring Hardy Kruger was made in England in 1957 (black & white) and issued under the title: "The One That Got Away."
Two on the Algerian war

The Battle of Algiers - excellent, quite accurate, filmed only a few years after independance and I believe banned in France for some time, brought up the question of torture, it can be argued that the "battle of Algiers" was a true defeat of urban terrorists (some books on this are required reading with US Officers as there are many paralels), of course DeGaul handed the country over to the Algerians which resulted in the OAS looking to get big nose (day of the Jackal is based on this) and 1REP FFL almost jumping on Paris during the generals plot

Lost Command - Based on the book "The Centurions" a Hollywood version of the battle of Algiers, moving from Dien Bin Phu to Algeria with Anthony Quinn as a Para Lt Colonel and George Segal as an unconvincing Algerian French Para Officer turned terrorist

The wind that shakes the barley - IRA propaganda garbage by Ken Loach? vile just vile

Bloody Sunday - The one with James Nesbit, now thats good, proper old school denison smocks :) (before my day I might add) I think Simon Mann is in it, anyone know if thats true?
Watched Indigènes last night after my son recommended it. Bit sentimental but does show how the French did not treat the North Africans with equality both during WW2 and especially afterwards regarding their pension rights.

Sat through all 16 hours of Heimat many years ago, in original German with French sub titles. Still sticks in my mind as an excellent portrayal of Germany and the rise and fall of Nazism seen through the eyes of a village.
Does anyone remember a mini series in 1988, heroes with Jason Donovan about a group of Australians who attacked Jap shipping in Singapore ?

Was also a second series Heroes 2 both true stories.

Just watched both - Still found them rivetting after not seeing them for 20 years.

Anybody know where I can find the series?
Remember seeing it years ago!
Cross of Iron starring James Coburn , Maximillian Schell and James Mason featuring Germans fighting on the Eastern Front .

I know it's in English but it's an anglo -West German production so qualifies as foreign
Kurosawa's "the seven samurai" not strictly a war film but the fight scene's and the acting are brilliant and the subtitles don't detract in any way, simply stunning, far better than the 60's garbage yul brinner remake !!
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Probably before your time, but:

...... The Bridge - German, I think, about a group of German Hilter Youth who try to hold a bridge to their town from advancing American troops WWII.. brilliant.....
Which version? The original black and white or the remake recently? I saw the original and found it very good and thought ptovoking.
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There's a new Chinese flick, Assembly, that's supposed to be great. It was a big deal in China, considered revolutionary for it's lack of propaganda, it's depictions of war, and ocassional unfavorable depictions of Communist Party officials. Unfortunately it's not available on this side of the pond, but apparently it is on yours

Here's the website

Dien Bien Phu (french film, directed by an Indochina veteran) is also supposed to be great.
Just watched "Den Holle Von Dien Bien Phu" excellant film directed by Pierre Schoendorfer a former cameraman who dropped at DBP and spent a few years in a Viet Minh prison camp, only in German no subtitles, but it does'nt detract from the film at all

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