Good foreign war films

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lewis, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone no of any good ones?
    Have got on DVD
    9th company
    Days of Glory :roll:

    Are there any others?
  2. Das Boot.
  3. As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me.
  4. Saving Private Ryan (only for the first half hour)
    Odd Angry Shot (comedy/serious Nam movie)
    All Quiet on the Western Front

    Agree with Das Boot, awesome flick
  5. I don't own any except Band of Brothers (distant family member is a large part of the story) but really enjoyed 9th Company (subtitles don't bother me in a film - it's the only time I can multtt, muuull, multi - do two things at once)

    I haven't seen Kokoda but spotted a publicity/cover pic on arrse today.

    What's the premise/story - it sounds like a Japanese word?
  6. Navy Seals :wink:
  7. Navy seals fnaaarrrrrrrr!!!!

    Foreign/septic films like top gun and g.i.jane don't count!!!

    But "We were Soldiers" was good.

    Letters from Iwo Jima pairing was good too, especially the Japanese side of things with Ken Watanabe as their CO.
  8. It's about the 39th Battalion Militia Army (Aus) holding back the flood of the yello peril in New Guinea. Focuses on the untrained, ill equipped chocko army prior to the 8th divisions (regular army) return from the Middle East. Because New Guinea was an Australian territory the regular army was not allowed to fight on 'Australian soil". The first time the nips were beaten. (debatable). Not a bad flick but very americanised from an Aussies point of view. Stand to be corrected though...
  9. Ahhhh...

    Many thanks Down Under, I'll give that a look - Bonzer mate!!!
  10. Speaking of which, its on Sky one at the moment. Last 20 mins or so.
  11. Should of said no American films,subtitles.
  12. Recently saw Brotherhood a south Korean film blood good i thought

    edited 'cos I'm a typing egit
  13. SS092 - what's Brotherhood about?

    Sorry for being a mong - been kinda busy lately :D
  14. Sparky. It's the story of 2 brothers during the Korean war. Really good story lines and plenty of action.