Good for gaming?

Just bought one of these, it arrives on thursday anybody got one or similar?

If you do can you give me an idea of the sort of benchmarks this thing gets, my current game collection is:

- CoD4
- CoD5 (havnt tried yet)
- Crysis (wont run smooth on current card - 8400 GS)
- Flatout:UC
- BF2

loads more but the above are the main ones i play and the main reason i ordered the upgraded chipset, any comments please, thanks.
Shouldnt you really have checked BEFORE you bought it? What if it doesnt run all of those?
Yes i did check, i forgot to mention my PC specs, most of the videos on youtube are running it with a quad core which i just cant afford right now:

- Gigabyte S-series motherboard supporting PCI-E 2.0 x16
- 1 x Seagate 250GB HD and Secondary 320GB Samsung HD
- 4GB of DDR2 RAM @ 800mhz
- AMD 5200+ Brisbane, i have overclocked this to 2.95GHz and added some extra cooling units (total of 8 fans in my system including stock units)
- GeForce 8400GS 512mb GPU which is a piece of sh1t which is why im upgrading, but i have also overclocked this to 636/493/1654.

Ive also looked over on which is a useful PC hardware review forum, they ran a few benchmarks under crysis, cod4 and other games which i dont play so dont really care, but they still failed to mention what CPU they are running with.

So anybody with a mid-range £600-700 rig with the 9600gt here that could give me an idea of how powerful this thing is, and its overclocking headroom? Cheers lads (and lasses if any...)
Oh btw crimson, i know for a fact that it will run all those games, my question is how well will it run it with my CPU/RAM/MB etc.? so im asking for a few FRAPS generated benchmarks or something useful in terms of the FPS gained on certain graphics settings on this particular card.


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the new system I bought last month has the standard 9600GT 512mb fitted - it's been running UT3 and Stalker with no hassles whatsoever, even at high resolutions (1280x1024 I believe). Couldnt tell you about Crysis as it doesnt sound like my bag, but from what I hear it would bring Deep Thought to his knees in any case.
for perspective, this is a q6600 quad-core with 4gb of ram and 1tb of hard drive.
That sounds good then for those games it wouldnt make much of a difference if you wer running the dual or the quad, had a look around again and i could run crysis (todays most demanding game) at 1024x768, 2x AA and some Anisotropic filtering, medium advanced settings (which in general looks really high) and can get 35-40FPS no problem, with stock clock of course, but im going to be overclocking mine even though its already factory overclocked on the core.

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