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Good for a laugh

I also notice that there is a "Complain about this post" button next to each post - typical of the Biased Bastards Corporation :evil:

If someone doesn't agree with a post, they should respond themselves and state their case and why they disagree. Using a complain button is a cowards way out and I bet if it is used then the Beeb will remove the post with no combacks for the poster. And this is from the BBC who make such a big noise about censorship

Arrseholes :evil:
Lets get organised and try to steer this debate.

Its all very well us lot preaching to the converted in here - lets get out there and engage.

There's is one post up there with a few ideas to test opinion and get the ball rolling. Please either contribute or start your own threads.

Please let's avoid the incestual/inflamatory nature that we sometimes enjoy in here though - OK Dirty Sanchez?


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