Good First Impressions? ADSC

Will a suit make you more presentable?

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So i know its been mentioned in the ADSC section sticky, but it was very briefly and didnt cover the topic more broadly.

I was wondering what to turn up in?
If your being assesed from the word go then a suit (smart)? It would look more professional.
Or a tracksuite (more practical), but then run the risk of being looked at as a slob or chav (im 17).

What did you turn up in and how did it go, any comments or suggestions?

Many thanks Greg

BTW, Just do the poll if you CBA/Dont want to comment :)
It's a bit of a bone question if you think about it isn't it? You even answered it youself. A suit would obviously make yourself look more presentable, so go in a suit. First impressions are always good.
I know it is, but just wondered what everyone else did.

I have a £2000 Hugo suit, given to me by my brother (2nd hand of course :roll: )

And in the ADSC video we watched at the AFCO they all turned up in a shitty mini bus :(

So it might ruin the suit, but if it looks that much better then il do that, BTW im going in as Paras hopefully, so do i need to stand out with my looks, aswell as attitude and physical self?

Many thanks Greg
It shouldn't ruin the suit. You don't need to make yourself look like Brad Pitt, just turn up looking smart, keen, and don't mouth off to anybody.

Good luck mate!
If you really don't want to wear your suit. Just go in some smart jeans and a nice shirt. Not all this chavvy tracksuit bullsh!te. It would be a good idea to take the suit to wear for the interview though.
at the end of the day they arent going to turn you away because your not dressed like your going to a film premiere, just concentrate on the team tasks and dont be an arse!
Save the suit for the final interview.

First impressions are good, but they won't really contribute much to a regular soldier selection.
When i did selection nearly everyone was in either tracksuit or smart casual i.e jeans, jumper. They do say not to turn up in a suit because you do the medical when you get there and youll only have to get changed.
shirt plus black jeans = rugged

suit @ rough and tumble army weekend = poncy crab
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