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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Egremont_Russet, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Hello, everyone. My first post on this excellent organ, so beg pardon for any egregious errors or etiquette.

    I've been looking back at some of the ideas we had a decade and more ago, which gave rise to some of the shiny new toys we are getting today. Is it me, or is most of the stuff we buy just a load of old tat, compared with what we were told we would get?

    I can't help thinking that the Office of the Defence Procurer General (or whatever ludicrous title is appended to the bod in charge of Defence Procurment is) must be working under the false assumption that "Good Enough for Government Work" really means that "second grade is close enough for Jack, Royal, Tommy and Biggles."

    I suggest that we refute this dreadful spin, and be a little more "John West" (accept only the best) when doing trials, rather than "John Wayne" (cowboy).

    Has anyone out there got a specific instance of some shiny stuff that just does not work as intended?

    Let the world of ARRSE know, and maybe we can stop wasting such huge amounts of money on toys that don't work.

    Egremont Russet
    President of the GE4GW Reform League
  2. Politicians in the main rarely work as we intend them to and they have shiney bits, usually the seats of their trousers.
  3. I would say that AS90 and CR2 work pretty well...Any comments from tankies or dropshorts?
  4. I have to disagree, a lot of kit works well considering the problems. The main issue is that the kit is meant to come in at year XXXX and due to messing around comes in during year xxxx + 20
  5. If you don't understand Defence Procurement, then don't gob off about it. Simple really.
  6. Any truth in the old chestnut that SA80 is called the "civil servant" as it doesn't work & can't be fired?
  7. No you're thinking of STAB Tiffies :wink:
  8. Do you have a clue what you are talking about? :roll:

    If you have a specific point to make then make it, don't make self evidently uninformed comments.
  9. Not to mention cost £+100%
  10. Nice one. I heard its also called the 'Bob Marley'...

    ...Cos it's always 'jammin'
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    You are a complete Kent and I will not bite - being both a working snivel serpent AND one who is looking for a job AND who has had the pleasure of firing both the A1 and the A2..... :x
  12. I've been in an AS90 fitter section for over 2 years now and I can definately say that AS90 is a piece of shite, far too over engineered and without slagging the RA off, far to complex for the average gunner to look after correctly, hence why we are trying to backload the whole fleet.
  13. My mess tins work fine, although they did come in 7 shillings and 6 pence over budget and 4 months late.....
  14. Thats because the CR/Shir programme was started back in the days when it was considered a good idea to keep vehicle design in house in government.

    Although much maligned, Civil Servants included some very talented engineers in MVEE, who's management had no shareholders to impress.
  15. I thought CR and AS90 are the way they are because they were designed by private enterprise and not through the system?

    CR was originally developed as the Shir for pre-revolutionIran (as was Tracked RAPIER if I remember aright), and wasn't AS 90 designed by Vickers as an export system that turned out to be so good the MoD had little choice but to buy it?

    Or did I dream all this?

    We got the Reynolds Bowden through the system though. Are they still all VOR or has that problem been fixed now? A fabulous truck it is. Sadly of little use to any units who require airportability, so we had to buy the Pinzgauer as well...........
    Why didn't we just get Pinzies in the first place?