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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. The revalation on the other thread about employers that Comet have a policy of supporting Reservists and give extra time off has given me an idea ...

    Could we use arrse to build up a list of "good" employers? (Mods, can you make this a sticky thread, of is there some other way of showing a list?) Wouldn't this be helpful to fellow arrsers who work for these employers but don't know the rules - or are looking for a job?

    As well as Comet, I've heard that BT, BAe and most government departments are pretty good but there must be others (hopefully?!)

    Perhaps two yes/no questions - Does the company have a written policy of support? Does it give extra time off (paid or unpad) for training?
  2. Can I suggest an additional question - is there evidence of this policy actually being followed and supported for individuals?

    (My organisation supports TA, but my boss is a git who does his best to get in the way)
  3. I used to work for Jewsons and they used to give me an extra 7 days paid leave for "dutys of a public nature"
  4. Although now a defunct organisation , I found safeway to be a pain in the arrse trying to organise time off. Ofiicially they gave me a weeks unpaid leave , but trying to book it off utter nightmare. They also tried to force me to work weekends only, which was a bit of a problem considering that the majority of the training occured at weekends, therefore any weekend I wanted off would be a weeks hoilday down the drain (total holiday allocation was 4 weeks paid and the 1 week unpaid, therefore only 5 weekends per year and no chance of annual camp or any gucci courses). After 3 years of this I quit and stuck my name down for every course under the sun. The end result being im better off financially and now want to go regular.

    (it would be interesting to hear from other ex safeway staff, when telic1 kicked off there was a guy in a safeway the other side of town who was mobilised , but safeway tried their hardest to keep him back, he had to go eventually due to certain specialised training he had recieved when he worked on the railways).
  5. The firm I work for grant 2 weeks leave at half pay to cover Camp and are quite understanding when I've returned from Camp late due to flight problems (on two occasions this has involved an extra week absence). They lost out financially when I was mobilised (at short notice) but don't seem to bear a lasting grudge.

    I'm in a Specialist Unit, so don't make many demands on time off or early finishes for other training. An Independent in the same department seems to manage with his commitments without grief from the bosses.

    There is a written policy statement that initially was only presented if you specifically asked for it (i.e. you had to know in advance that it existed), but now has been incorporated in the T&C.

    Regretfully, I can't name the firm as it has quite a small staff and PERSEC would go out the window.
  6. London Underground, Metronet

    2 extra weeks on full pay or 2 weeks out your holidays on double pay
  7. I'd second that request, there is a world of difference between the boardroom level "Reserves are jolly good" chat at a SABRE reception and the pressured middle manager who loses someone and is still expected to deliver the same results.

    My experience was with a rather large UK aerospace and defence firm who I declined to return to as my future there looked decidedly ropy as a result of mobilisation.

    That said, my current employers are great and give me a week free.
  8. My previous employer, Sembcorps Utilities, were excellent in this area and did provide 1 week extra paid leave for duties "in the national interest" - Sembcorps are a Malaysian company but they have a large industrial concern on Teesside, all of ICI's old assets.

  9. Like OOTS and bazzinho, I would ask for some form of reality check, as OOTS points out there is often a gulf of difference between boardroom and ops. I had a conversation with a rep of Sabre after TELIC 1, and made the same observation and suggested that Sabre publish their' "Friendly Employer" list on their' site - it took a bit of discussion for him to comprehend why TA soldiers would find this useful - Three years on, I note that Sabre's happy stories and employer support pages only paint a very limited picture. Being that MOD has no problem in contacting TA / Reservist employers, with or without the soldier's knowledge, surely they've already built a list of TA unfriendly employers that they know of.
  10. But what purpose would this realistically serve? Name and shame? Discriminate against them in awards of public contracts? It would be entering a legal minefield.

    Perhaps the introduction of a Territorial Discrimination Bill, with the upshot that employers have to fill a minimum quota, would have an effect, with the result that standardisation of T&C would be an essential progression. Would do wonders for recruiting, as well. ;)
  12. I would like to add Health Trusts (Northern Ireland) to that list; I get 10 days paid special leave (5 days per leave period) to cover any training. In effect, it means I can do an annual camp and a course in the training year. I have to make up the second week with annual leave or unpaid leave, but that's no drama.
  13. My previous employer was excellent. 10 Days Special Paid leave for camp. Not only did they support me and give me no hassle about being deployed they also paid me and let my wife have use of the company car for the whole of my mobilisation. Therefore I suggest you add Coca Cola Enterprises to your list. I thank you
  14. I know someone who works for the HSBC and they are alledgedly very good with the TA.
  15. BAE