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Good effort fella!

A newly qualified Booty was in the pub tonight. I couldn't fault his T-shirt it said:

Be the best

The A nd Y were crossed out and I knew that he'd just passed his Commando course. (local gossip)

Naturally I bought him a drink and warned him not to overdo it with the naked roll-mat fighting.

If you clock a young lad of any service in your local - buy him a drink, give him the nod. In the society that the current regime have put in place it will be appreciated I think.

(and yes I have been drinking) :D
One of our ACF cadets (Cadet Sgt) passed out as a RM before crimbo.He came back on his leave & payed us a visit.
Did'nt get chance to buy him a pint.Next time he's home he's coming down to BK for a wet!

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