Good Dual Sim Phone?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Excognito, May 7, 2013.

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  1. In an ideal world, I would have one phone, one SIM and be able to roam the country and accessing ARRSE to my heart's content ... about 5 seconds or so. However, I need an O2 network for home and Orange for work/caravan-site because neither Orange nor O2 have seen fit to provide decent coverage at all the locations I want to be.

    Given that I've got to have 2 SIMs, I'm getting really irritated at having to have 2 phones and would like to have a dual-SIM phone to make life easier. Are there any decent, non-dodgy dual-SIM phones available on the UK Market and, if so, could somebody recommend one? Minimum criteria: Android Gingerbread (preferably later), 320x480 resolution (preferably a lot better!), 5 MP camera (preferably better and don't care about secondary), GPS and wifi hotspot; size probably in the 3.5" to 4" range.

    I've seen this thing, a Skyline N3, advertised on eBay, which looks interesting spec wise, but I'm leery about anything I can't find a good review of on the internet: New Unlocked 5.5" ANDROID 4.2 Jelly Bean WIFI GPS 3G Dual Sim HD MOBILE PHONE UK | eBay
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  3. I guess I'm not quite ready to trust to buying something directly from China ... bit difficult to remonstrate with the supplier. I've looked at eBay and noted the Samsung Galaxy S Duos, HTC Desire V and Acer Liquid Gallant Duo. The Samsung looks the nearest to fulfilling my needs as it appears to use both SIMS in all modes whereas the other two seem to designate one for vox/text and the other for data (having said that, the reviews of the Acer seem to indicate it's fairly simple to swap them, but I'm too lazy to bother with all that booting up of apps, etc).
  4. The Samsung DUOS phones are excellent - both SIMs are available at all times, and the Android is fully modded so that they are completely reliable. They are proper factory phones, unlike most of the chinese stuff. The HTC phones are a waste of time, as the SIM still has to be manually switched.

    I currently use the Samsung Galaxy S DUOS. They've recently released a thing called a Galaxy Grand DUOS, which is almost as big as a Note. I gather that either the Galaxy S2 or S3 will be released in DUOS version quite soon.

    I think you can buy these phones on eBay, or you can find someone who lives in Russia, Asia, Middle East, India, where these phones are on the market. The phones work just fine in UK and Europe.

  5. You can get a dual sim adaptor most phones. Cost about 25 quid. I have a MagicSim adapter in my iPhone; works great.
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  6. Vodaphone do an all in one world wide payg roaming sim, else I just use 2 Simvalley phones that fit in my wallet
  7. For christs sake dont let BadCO know there are areas you can't get decent coverage for mobile data while not in front of your home pc and internet connection

    He'll shit his knickers
  8. Bump, for general interest.

    I just acquired this beast - the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

    Its a very large phone, bigger than a Galaxy S3 or S4, but slightly smaller than a Note or Note 2.

    Its a dual-sim phone, offering the same sort of screen size as a Note. I mostly use my phones for email, texts, internet and some games & films (whilst on long haul flights), so I had been looking at the Note for a while. This phone is proving to be ideal for my needs - especially with the dual sim.

    This phone is cheap - only about £250, which is less than half the cost of a Note or S4 where I am.

    The reviews (mostly from Indian sites) point out that the low cost has been achieved by using a low-resolution TFT screen, instead of Super AMOLD or any of the other high-res formats. This is typical IT press criticism, the user experience is actually very good - the screen looks fantastic. You only detect the pixels by holding it next to an S3/4, and/or looking at it through some sort of magnification. The phone runs Android 4.1.2. and is extremely quick in all functions.

    This phone is supposed to be Russia, Middle East and Asia only, but the (Russian) version I have works perfectly well in UK and EU - ie the software updates download without a problem.

  9. If you’re into thin smartphones, the 6.2mm Ascend P6 should be right up your alley. And yes, it offers dual SIM card support, too.
  10. I saw a duo sim advertised on either arrse or facebook. It was called something like exocet and made in czec I think. It came in at about 200 Euros and I would like a look see at one. can anyone help?
  11. PYT has a Huawei G525, dual-sim as standard over here, 4.5" screen, runs JellyBean, has your wifi stuff, 5MP camera, Quad-core 1.2 Snapdragon processor, 540x960 resolution, proper GPS, yada yada yada, costs €165 simlock free in Belgium.

    Decent phone with decent battery life, certainly not "dodgy" by any standard.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find the same model in Blighty.....

    Here it is on Amazon
  12. Thanks mate
  13. POI

    Ascend P6 Dual Sim model means you cannot use a memory card so you're stuck with the 8Gb of internal memory and cannot expand that in any way.

    That could be an issue, depending on how you use your phone. After all, you wouldn't believe how quickly you'll fill the phone's internal memory with porn if you're not careful.
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    the motorola moto g has a dual sim version, cheap, tough and android.