Good drills......?

Marks out of 10..... 1 - they didn`t hurt anyone.

Retraining : Take the rifle and butt stroke them round the head with it.
"Hey you guys, be careful"........

Stupid fcukin' septic cow-dog!
And of coures....

"That's my weapon malfunctioning"... well maintain it or report you dizzy wench.

"What the Fcuk over"... exactly.
yanks.....................what more can i say
Put them out of their misery before they hurt someone....and it will probably be a Brit!!

Feckin septics, gung ho yee ha muppets! :x
id like to see the range staff jump on em if they done that on a brit range , it would be like the effects of gravity suddenly stopping and 15stones of full screw landing on those daft fcukers.
Classic YAnks!
They say ' a picture paints a thousand words'

after watching that - Most of mine wouold begin with 'F'.

I remember being on a range, and the SSM gave a Capt a black eye - SMG jammed and said officer turned smartly to the left - pointing weapon at SSM 'Sergeant major, what do I...'

the conversation didnt get any further as he got knocked square on his arrse!

SSM was charged with assault - and got off withit , cos the rupert threatened him with a higher level of violence that he responded with.

Needless to say - the SSM was a bit of a hero for a long, long while after that
Because no-one in the British Army has ever had an ND, right?

msr said:
Because no-one in the British Army has ever had an ND, right?

Quite so, msr. But what you have there is a "CND" - Criminally Negligent Discharge. :D :D :D

They have the best kit in the world or so were told........... There pathetic there's a ND, And theres plain taking the urine. Them two are the latter. I love they way they just blat off a few rounds for a little bit of video footage. Wheres the RCO or even the safety staff. Americans i really belive they have no common sense.
Anyone seen "Heartbreak Ridge" with Clint Eastwood as a Gunnery Sergeant?

Remember the range scene? I'll say no more...
slick said:
Not a surprise, have a look here 8O
Interesting article, though more than five years old.

I have read a bit about improvements in their basic training programme since the invasion of Iraq, making it much more 'combat' oriented.
I've just finished reading Hack's "about Turn" a good read, recommend it to anyone.
makes you wonder why there are so many blue-on-blues. I have seen cadets with better skills