Good Drills that man!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by botfeckid, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Amidst all the usual stuff, it's nice to see that every so often the good guys can come off best...

    Builder beats burglars

    And one of them's already committed suicide whilst on remand. Result all round...

    (Typical mick though - beaten to the point of losing consciousness all over his head, and all it does is make him angry... :D )
  2. Surprised the do-gooders have not demanded his arrest?
  3. Arrest a Sligo man??! The Min of Just would be surrounded by every caravan in the country within the day!!! There would'nt be a yard of tarmac laid for a week, man!!
  4. Good Effort, that man! :salut:

    Nice have some GOOD news for a change! :D

    Hope the other two scum follow their mate's example. :twisted:
  5. Lock them in a room with Mr.Dwyer and give him a square go at them, one at a time, jail whats left in a cell with a nice strong bar running the length of the ceiling, some strong rope and the corpse of the 1 who topped himself as an example.
    As stated above good drills, deserves an award.
  6. Balls of steel!
  7. Picked on the wrong one there then :D Fair play to the geezer,imagine what he would have done if he'd been out on the lash with the site lads before hand :twisted:
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Nice one, Mr Dwyer. :clap:

    I would suggest you move house within the next 5 years though ... the scum will probably be back on the street by then, and looking for you.

    Perhaps we could all send them some strong string, sort of para-cord type stuff, so that the idea of self-harm gets a bit of reinforcement? I believe I have some in the garage .... :wink:
  9. Great result that man. One creamed with a bogus handgun, one topped himself :party: and two off to the nick. :D

    Hopefully they'll actually get some decent time for this and also murdering that old lady. :twisted:

    All depends on the completely incompetent tossers who call themselves judges! :roll:
  10. The more I think about it, if the reporting's even vaguely accurate, he's one extremely brave (or psychotic!) guy. Easy to laugh about it, but imagine having been battered stupid by 3 armed psychos who, by the sound of it, are out of their heads on something and generally behaving like extras from some uber-violent crime thriller, whilst happily asleep in your pit...

    Takes serious cojones to say - even if it is the most logical thing to do - "balls - I'll try and take them on, I've got nothing to lose".

    Full marks to him - I bet customers pay on time!
  11. So much is written about the youth of today needing good role models . Here is just the man with the standards for all young males to aspire to.
    Give the man a large size medal
  12. Sounds like he read it well though. He believed his family were toast if he did nothing, so took the fight to them. Great choice and they all survived as a result.
    Correct though, it took some big nuts and risk. Good for him. Hope the other two arrseholes top themselves and save everyone some tax money! 8) :p :wink:
  13. So, why isnt Mt Dwyer under arrest, I thought it was the norm in this cuntry to arrest the victim of a crime. Honestly though, Great Stuff Mr Dwyer, I'll buy you a pint anytime
  14. Let that be a lesson to all you heathens

    you cant beat a good Paddy
  15. Tell you what - UFC star billing - him and John Smeaton - the Glaswegian baggage handler who battered the two terrorists at the airport - now I'd pay money to see them go at one another!!!