Good drills, that man!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smithie, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. You would, wouldn't you!!

  2. *Tips hat to clever old bugger*. Nice move.
  3. I hope I'm as sharp as that when I'm his age, that is sharper than I am now :oops:
  4. Fair play to him.
    Clever git.
  5. He shoots he scores!!

    Excellent skills, problem is the old bugger might actually now live long enough to have to pay it back

    Nice one grandad
  6. "Why die for money" - sums it up beautifully, debt can be a b*stard, but ultimately the sun always rises in the morning regardless.

    Good on him. Shame on who ever was going to put the bailiffs onto him. They too shall be old one day.
  7. Good drils indeed! But it is rather a saddening indictment of a shabby system, isn't it? Doctors should be either/or. Either they work for the NHS, or they're private. But not both. Particularly when patients who cough up are operated on in an NHS hospital, using NHS facilities and HNS medical staff, who see none of the extra profits the doc makes. Shameful!

  8. Nice one fella. I,ve often thought about writing a bouncer for some dental work I needed. What could they do ? send the boys round with a pair of pliers? Its getting a sad state of affairs whereas an OAP has to commit fraud just to get a life saving op done. The NHS is at breaking point & will only get worse.

  9. Surely you're not saying she didn't deserve it, did you see what she went through?

  10. Where's my Wah!ometer when I need it...
  11. well said. proper boils my p1ss.

    Good for him.
  12. This has brightened an otherwise very dull day.
  13. Gleaming!! Fantastic drills!