Good Drills or Greedy ****?

Split the cash or dump the frau?

  • It only fair to share and there is plenty to go around

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  • Fcuk her. My money- hands off wench!

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  • Either way, it'll be easier to pull her sister now.

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Greedy cnut. If his wife had done the same thing to him, he'd be in court faster than you can say, "Where's my share".

Edited for spelling after 2 bottles of wine and it's only 7.30pm
Ionson's lawyer said she wants to get back together with Sobeski.

"She still loves him and still wants to have a life with him," Mamo said.
Was this her view before or after she found out about his $30,000,000 windfall?

Or am I just being cynical?

I thought one of the main concerns of a devorcee's maintainence was to keep them in the style with which they were accustomed. Was she living on $9000 a month when they were married? But if he is happy with the deal then it is done.

What was the name of that footballers wife that managed to get a percentage of any future wage increases he may get? Totally wrong.
Why in fcuks name tell anybody. collect your money smile for the camera and do one with it. If needs be give it to your kids from the other marriage rather than let that Money monster any of it.
She reportedly suffers from back troubles and migraine headaches and is unable to work.
Take A sodding painkiller and get on with it.
"Oh no i have a head ache, I can't work! give me £9,000."

Fecking work-shy scrounger.
If I was in his shoes, I'd just pay for a life times supply of full strength painkillers.
In the article the ex-wife said that the ticket had been bought before the divorce was finalised, as such they had split up when HE bought the ticket.

So f**k her! It's his money!
This samething happened in the US, except it was reversed. A guy was at home and wife bought the winning lottery ticket. She came home and told him she wanted a divorce; didn't tell him about the ticket. The divorce was completely out of the blue. Three years after the divorce was final, the husband found out about the lottery winning. He sued her and won. In fact, the judge gave him all of the money, because of her BS. Of course, that didn't hold up on appeal. However, I think it is bullshit.

If they were actually legally seperated, he should be able to keep the money, if the selfish sod wanted too. If it were me, I'd give her some of it anyways.
Ionson's lawyer said she wants to get back together with Sobeski.

"She still loves him and still wants to have a life with him," Mamo said.

Of course the money has nothing to do with her freshly awakened love for him......
Write her a cheque and do one . The alternative is writing cheques to lawyers . Being called a c nut on tv tabloids etc . Have mad people recognise you in the street . Ok you may rather hire the russian mafia .
Quick clean break at least leaves you with a bit of dignity
So why didn't he take the anonimity option for lottery winners? Then he could have kept it all for himself
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