Good drill Wang

pity he didn't, or couldn't, get to the cleaver until after the scum assaulted him and family.
A sensible decision from the courts. Well done Mr Wang. One question, why is the brother still alive?
The court heard that Steven Shaw, 32, originally Forest Fields, Nottingham, punched Mrs Wang in the face as she held her daughter.He then pulled her hair to make her watch as his brother attacked her husband with a wheel brace. He was left with blood streaming from his eyes.

Mr Shaw's brother, Craig, admitted aggravated burglary in December and was jailed for eight-and-a-half years.
Less than 5 years in prison? Really?

Can't think why shit like this keeps happening...
The Chinese do love their cleavers.

Mind good outcome all round. Shame the family (the Wangs) had to put up with this .

Father who killed burglar with meat cleaver to end 'harrowing and brutal' attack was 'justified', coroner rules

Read more: Father who killed burglar with meat cleaver was 'justified' coroner rules | Mail Online
I hate to say it, but if Mr. Wang had been Mr. Smith or Mr. Brown then I think there would have been a difference... look at the hoo-hah when a white bloke gets burgled and protects his family.

Anyhoo, well done Mr. Wang.
I don't really care what the law currently states, I'm listening to Sir Edward Coke. Castle doctrine is what I would apply here.
Fair comment DD :)

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