Good documentary on C4 tonight

Was listening to this guy on the radio at lunchtime and he seems really switched on. He understands that Africa has to want to help itself before it can start to turn it's fortunes around.

And he doesnt blame the whitey! :D

Monday 27 June, 8pm

Award-winning African journalist Sorious Samura travels to Zambia. He asks why AIDS is destroying his continent and whether Africans have it in their power to stop the spread of this disease.
won't be long before Africa becomes an empty wasteland waiting for repopulation
Lasalle said:
Or the Chinese start colonising it.
actually you are closer than you think , india is also thinking about it , they both more to gain from it.
Sorious Samura filmed the Cry Freetown video about the rebel insurgancy in Sierra Leone. Was an excellent documentary which didnt pull any punches and actually showed the Nigerian lead ECOMOG troops in a bad light. This may not seem such a heinous thing to do, but when you concider the amount of power and influnence Nigeria has on the Western side of Africa, he was putting his head on the block.

He's the first African reporter i've come across who tells it the way it is. He doesnt pussy foot around blaming anyone just for the sake of it.
I read a Tom Clancey the other day that had an interesting plot. Now Now.....don't jump at me yet....

"Rainbow Six" (a bit of an old one but I took a load of them to Kosovo with me in '99 and then discovered that reading was for wimps, having set up a free internet room courtesy of the UN satellite) I picked up again and re-read. The plot is about destroying all humanity on the earth (except,of course, the arch villains, who pick the new adams and eve's) by introducing an even more virulent strain of the Ebola virus at the Sydney Olympics, thereby spreading it world wide. The science and mode of introduction were scarily feasible.

The point that the arch villains made, was that the elimination of the human race would get rid of your HIV, cancer, hereditary health problems (adams and eve's screened for hereditary diseases), whilst also allowing the ecosystem to regenerate and the natural food chain to re-establish. There is a point here.

Of course i don't advocate the previous comment of "stop'll sort itself out in the end" but there is, at least a point. Africa is dying, and without complete and utter intervention of the reason (dictatorships) then this will never go away.

If the African countries were to put 100% of what they are being offered back into rebuilding their lands, then this wouldn't have happened in the first place. Bollox to it. I'm a STAB, but i'd happily give up my life with my lovely wife and beautiful children if I had a REAL cause to go to. Let's face it. Iraq was a political f@ck-up, but the end game is right. Get rid of the dictators, reinstall true democracy, (with caveats to stop the other rogues getting in) and get the world sorted.

Heh...not bad for a monday afternoon. :lol:

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