Good distance?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rg1991, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. At them moment im working to get my 1.5 mile down from 9.35 to 9ish and ive been mainly doing normal-long runs to get my stamina levels up but now want to add some sprint training, fartlek what ever you call it to get my speed up.
    Say if i was to sprint from 1 lampost to another, then slow jog to recover the same distance, how fat should i run in this style?
    Also i know about interval training that can be done on a running track but there isnt 1 around hear does anybody no a good routine around a football pitch?
  2. Good question , I'd be interested too :)
  3. I run/jog down the long sides and sprint on the shorter! Either that or try jogging to the 1st line, sprinting back, Jogging to the 2nd, sprinting back and so on.... to be honest I do this on a double netball pitch which is obviously smaller so a lot easier but then I am an unfit girly!!
  4. Either of these will be good. The idea of doing interval training is that you work all out for a set distance, then have a recovery period, repeating the process obver a decided number.

    So, find 2 lamp posts, sprint to one, jog to next, sprint to next etc... repeat for about 15 - 20 minutes.

    The football pitch woulod be good too.

    Another good method of intervals is to follow tabata protocol (google it), find a decent length of track, sprint all out, giving 100% max effort, for 20 secs, then rest completely for 10 secs. Repeat 8 times. This will give you a training time of 4 minutes in total. But has been scientifically proven to help increase VO2 max, and cardio output. It hurts, is unpleasant, makes grown men cry

    But gets results!!
  5. Use a Rugby pitch. Sprint the back line, jog to the Try Line and sprint that, jog to 22, 10, Half Way. 10, 22 etc etc. Take a minute and back you go.
  6. A football pitch is a good place to do interval training - just try not to cut the corners too fine or you risk injury.

    Football pitches vary but average is around 300M.

    To improve PFT pace I would suggest interval distances of 300m 600m and 900m in any combination. at least 5 reps and vary the workouts. also 1/1 recovery time eg:

    600M (2 laps) in ~2:00 to 2:20
    2min rest
    repeat x 5


    300M (1lap) in ~1:00
    1 min rest
    repeat x 10

    or a pyramid routine 900 600 600 300 300 300

    Run hard but not so intense that breathing is irregular or form deteriorates. Do this routine twice a week.

    These paces would be roughly appropriate for someone improving from 9:30 - 9:00.

    Best of luck.
  7. 600M (2 laps) in ~2:00 to 2:20
    2min rest
    repeat x 5


    300M (1lap) in ~1:00
    1 min rest
    repeat x 10

    when you say about rest is that stop dead or jog, also 1 min to run length of football pitch you could walk that surely?
  8. 300m would be a lap not a length dont mean to be patronising
  9. oh shit yeah its a lap not a length haha