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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by deathcab911, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. what degrees are useful when joining the army? because i dont know wether to go to uni before i join the army or not... can anyone give me some useful advise plsss?
  2. I think you will find mils more usefull
  3. what is mils exactly?
  4. a medical or dental degree would be useful!!!
  5. 35° is quite good, as long as it's not too humid.
  6. The angle that subtends to 1m at 1000m.

    God, I'm a sad bastard for knowing that!

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  7. A military method of measuring angle, as opposed to the presumably civilian degrees or radians.

    [Note to self - refresh thread before posting]
  8. Mate, before this goes any further - asking what degree is best is like asking what fruit is best. It all depends on your career choice. Talk to an AFCO and they will help you a bit better, or try the recruitment forum where there are loads of stickies for you to read through
  9. If you've got a 3rd Degree, then come on in, you'll meet lots of friends.
  10. Similar to the Nth degree in terms of desirablility and importance. You'll go far with either of these.
  11. I would say if you have the chance to go to a decent university, take it.

    You will then be able to advance this with postgrad quals when you join up and start preparing to leave (which could take 22 years).
  12. Perhaps you might consider a degree that taught you spelling, punctuation and the rules of grammar. God, the people that are going on to higher education these days...
  13. depends on whether its animal, vegetable or mineral, i find superglue works well enough on all
    although for joining things to chavs heads, how about a rusty nail & a mahoosive hammer?
  14. How about the 3 Degrees?

    I hear that their pay is a lot better than in the Army. :D
  15. There is only one useful and universal degree and that is Engineering! (Mechanical or Civil)