Good deal for bundled TV / Internet /phone line?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. I'm too dim to work out where I should post this, but I'm looking to bundle all three together if it makes financial sense. Already have Sky, so was wondering if their Internet and phone deals cut the mustard?


  2. ISTR that they are advertising all three for £19 a month at the mo.
  3. I have Sky but going to BT for phone & tinternet.
  4. Bliiiiimey that was quick! Cheers Saints, have Googled and it looks good.
  5. Might be worth checking out Martin Lewis' site to see what deals are about.
    Phones and broadband is under utilities:

    Money saving Expert
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    BB, read this before signing a contract:

    Or if you want it in print format buy the November Issue of PC Advisor, which is out at the moment.

    Sky Review:

  7. We have BT phone broadband and BT Vision, We use to have sky and phone broadband sperate. But its cheaper with all three with BT. We think BT Vision is better than Sky!

  8. Got into a bit of dispute with my broadband supplier over billing. They were continually billing me for telephone and television services despite the fact that I didn't subscribe to either of those services. The only way I could stop them plundering my bank account was to cancel the direct debit and pay cash for the undisputed broadband element of the bill.

    They then kicked off and added a cash handling charge to my still incorrect bills - I ignored that and continued to pay the contractual price for the broadband. After a few months of that I was threatened with the disconnection of my broadband service and, unbelievably, disconnection of my phone service. Not bad given that my broadband supplier isn't BT and my phone service was and indeed, still is supplied by BT.

    The point here is that if you have all of your media / comms services from one supplier you are going to be fcuked over if you get into dispute over one of the services if it leads to you witholding payment for that part of the service. Eggs in one basket and all that...............

  9. I've got Sky but was on BT for phone line. I left BT though 'cause the thieving sods were charging me £7.50 extra a month even though I wasn't using their answerphone system. Switched it all to Sky now...

    *Edited to add:- I got it for £16.50 a month when they had the special offer on.
  10. I've got the lot through Sky, land line and rental with unlimited landline calls, unlimited 20 meg broadband and satellite TV. I'm very happy with the service I'm receiving. I'm paying on average between £45 and £50 a month for the lot.
  11. If you live in a Virgin media cabled area I can get you this deal through the work for £33 a month no commission for me out of it either,

    you still get 3 of our very best cable services for half price, including V+ HD. The offer rules around whose eligible are slightly different though, so make sure you're clear about what's included by reading on…

    What do you get?

    Virgin TV

    160 digital TV channels including Music Video on Demand
    V+ HD box
    Plus, an additional set top box for another room
    Virgin Broadband

    Up to 20Mb fibre optic broadband
    Free wireless router (new customers and customers adding broadband)
    Backup and store precious files. Print 50 free photos a month.
    Virgin Phone

    Completely unlimited calls to UK landlines, 24/7.
    Plus, Talk International and Talk Mobile for free.
    All for just £33.50 a month (usually: £67) when taken with e-billing on a Direct Debit. If your mate wants one of our even bigger bundles, such as VIP, they can take it out at full price and get a £33.50 discount instead!

    Who gets it?

    New customers, and existing customers adding an RGU (An RGU is a revenue generating unit, such as Broadband, Phone or TV. It doesn't include V+)

    Existing customers cannot have left Virgin Media or removed an RGU within 60 days of us receiving their application

    Only new customers will receive a free install

    Customers adding broadband will receive a free wireless router

    If any one is interested let me know and I'll add you to it
  12. BB - Another major factor is where you live.

    I recently moved into a relatively new housing area, and regardless of what deals BT, Sky, Virgin etc have, the chances are if its a new estate, the exchange will be 'bundled' and therefore you end up paying around £15 regardless of who provides it as they have to use the main company's line/exchange. For example, Virgin can offer me broadband, but have to pay BT the extra £15 which gets added to my bill before any of the services.

    Of course, if you live outside of one of these areas, then check out Martin Lewis' site as suggested earlier in the thread.


  13. BB,

    Have not long (12 months) ago moved into a new build and decided to go with the whole Sky package.

    We got the phone (unlimited UK calls all day every day) HD TV (5 packages, no sport or movies though :cry: ) and Mid package broadband (10 mb speed and 10 GB download) all for just under £50 a month.

    All TV and phone installed for us within 10 days and ready to use that day, broadband installed about 3 days later, free wirless router and never had any problems at all.

    All in all a good solid deal.