Good day to you sir/my lady!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mikardo, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Best job ever.. does have it's bad moments though ;)

  2. Boring, not satisfied career wise or indeed sexualy

  1. I'm shortly going to be a part of the army and have a choice between REME and the RE. If i may can i see a show of hands of sorts to see job satisfaction for the RE? like/dislikes? I must say so far i'm swaying RE as you seem a good bunch of lads/lasses. (but don't tell the REME that :wink: ) Thanks alot your help is much apreciated.
  2. And what makes you think they'd want YOU?
  3. What he said, if you have to ask then your more than likely unworthy of Her Majesties Corps of Sappers and Miners.
  4. You stuck back in 1812 mate? :D
  5. REME = Royal Engineers Made Easy

    Follow The Sappers and Join THE CORPS
  6. Hang around and you'll soon have a big handful of sh*te thrown n those rose tinted specs matey ;-)

    Just get on with it, make your choice and do your best. Sound advice 'n' no one expects any more (nor do they want to hear from you).
  7. I was only asking no need for a backlash :) . My polite answer would be thankyou for that but I only asked a perfectly reasonable question. My other answer would be stop getting so angry at perfectly liable kind hearted questions.
  8. I have to ask as I am not in the army yet so i'm finding my feet on here first. How can i know about the corps without asking people in it?
  9. If you join the REME, you'll regret it for the rest of your miserable life. To become a gentleman of the Corps is something that many wished they had done.

    However, I am slightly biased :wink:
  10. To be a SAPPER is a rare privilege. The gentlemen of the Royal Engineers.
  11. I think that Swordman has had the final word on this post.
  12. give your head a shake fella.

    The Corps or the Dreamy.

    no choice.

  13. Only the sappers will give you true job satisfaction. Forget the bungalows and join the Corps of Royal Engineers. :D
  14. There ain't no question in the world that can't be answered with PE4. Well done the Engrs!!
  15. If you can laminate small cards with instructions on how to undertake military engineering tasks in the field, then Combat Engineering is for you! On the other hand you want to grovel in the innards of a broken down tank while getting covered in oil, try the AA…sorry the REME.