Good curry house in Cambridge

Cheers for that. We may well end up going there. But time and again I have read reviews of restaurants and have been left disappointed. Nothing like finding a good curry house, though they are rarer than honest politicians.
Although not in Cambridge itself (about 8 miles out) I went to this place the other day and they are really, really good:

I haven't been to any curry houses in Cambridge for a while after I found Lalbagh.

Non-Curry restaurants in Cambridge I recommend:
Clowns - Italian Cafe/Restaurant on King's Street

The Gardenia - excellent restaurant in Rose Crescent. Very popular with students as it is open till late and the food is very nice
There's a couple of good ones on Castle St close to the centre of town or get up Newnham Rd, the bit called Granta. You'll be spoilt for choice up Mill Rd.
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