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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by norfolk_n_chance, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Well, as the new trg year isn't too far away, I've got to plan my calendar for work, family and TA I was wondering if any ARRSE users had any recommendations on good courses to bid for in the near future.

    As an all-arms junior are there courses beyond MATTs instructor courses? I know of a couple of packages like equipment recognition weekends, aerial slide controller - but not many.

    Any recommendations of things to look into?
  2. Yeah if you ask your PSI about the Sub-Aqua Close Combat Instructor (Basic), its quite an ally course ran down near Hereford.

  3. Oh FFS,

    Thats a perfectly legitimate question, he isn't asking about how to get by on selection if you get bored after 3 miles or other such bone threads that have appeared. Im just waiting for some fucking cunt to suggest that he joins 49 Para.

    Slagging off walts is funny, but when every other post on this site features the words "49 Para" or a suggestion to ask your CofC about "ally courses" run near "H", it starts getting a bit dull.

    The answer probably is "ask your PSI", but theres bound to be some lads on here who have done the sort of courses you're after, so just wait out for a response.

  4. dont know where you are based but there are a few on here and they are usually pretty well run.

    LDRTC page
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    It will depend on your role, and what your C of C will allow MTD's for. DITs will be required for many of them, so make sure you get that one first.

    However, also consider if you will have the ability to use and practice whatever skill you get, and keep current in it otherwise it will soon be out of date and wasted.

    For example - maybe Rigger Marshaller then landing point commander? Different kit to play with, messing about with helicopters etc? Just make sure that you can get a chance to use it, and the ability to get your qualification renewed each year. Failure to remain current will result in you losing the qualification, and the time and money has been wasted.

    And as always, ask your SPSI/Coy 2IC or whoever deals with courses for you.

  6. Norfolk
    there are absolutely loads of different courses depending on what rank you are and also what interests you.

    Good ones to get on are adv trg courses as instructors are always in by demand and there are also opportunities to go away with other units as there never seems to be enough instructors. Examples of popular adv trg courses are MLT (mountain leader or JSMEL as it may be called now) Canoeing and skiing is always in demand.

    Also if time permits try to get a good balance of Mill skills and trade based skills
  7. If you are Inf then go for Sigs - The Signal Wing at Warminster has to be the best place for courses

    for a good laugh try SCBC :wink:
  8. Agree 100% with the above. Only a few more warry courses available in the TA and they're pretty tough to get onto i.e Light Role Close Recce Cmdr or UKSF Selection. Just remember there is no such thing as a Brecon Myth.... its all true! :twisted:

    Also All Arms Map Reading Instructors Course (MAPRIC) is a good crack and will provide you with a much sought after qualification. It's 2 Weeks in Hermitage Barracks in Berkshire and is an All Arms course so you'll be there with the Regs. On my course there were only 2 TA and the other 10 students were regs ranging from L/Cpl to Capt.

    Or you always have Basic Assault Pioneer if you're into blowing stuff up.

    All Arms Boat Operator is another good course run by the Royal Engineers at Minley and you can get it cracked in 5 days.

    Just ask your PSI for the Course DCI and put your bids in. You will be suprised at the number of fun courses that are available to us. :twisted:
  9. Anyone know what the deal is for non-inf types (RAC) to get on courses like SCBC or Light Role Close Recce Cdr as at the moment there seem to be few warry courses for a Yeomanry JNCO to go on?
  10. I know of a RMLY Cpl that did SCBC a couple of years ago so it is possible. Best thing is to get your PSI to put a bid in. With the amount of non inf capbadge peeps going on inf style tours it is course thats well worth doing if you're planning on going somewhere hot and dusty.
  11. Oh yeah forgot to mention in order to do Light Role Close Recce Commander you have to have done SCBC first as its a course qualifier for Sgt.
  12. Try and ask to do the Rigger Marshallar/ Landing point comander course. Ive done it, it was good. 2 wkends up in scotland, got to lift a few loads for real. Also did the wkend exercise where you do it again, but lift heavy stuff. Only 2 people in my regt hold this qual.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I refer you to my post earlier - good course, but only really worthwhile if you get to use it reasonably often, and have an HHI to revalidate your quals each year.
  14. Many thanks for your feedback peeps.
  15. i am with you on that buddy