Good Conduct Chevrons?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuckFelize, May 4, 2006.

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  1. I noticed yesterday that one of the Irish Guards who's currently in the media spotlight is wearing two inverted chevrons on the lower left sleeve of his 2s. I know the guards have some rank peculiarities, but I was unaware that the old fashioned system of service chevrons was still in use. Under the old system, two chevrons denoted six years good service, i.e. one chevron for three years' service. Is that what this bloke is wearing?
  2. I believe the wearing of service chevrons is at the CO's discretion, some Bns wear them some don't. I seem to recall a similar thread in a different forum a year or so ago.
  3. So if you do 22 years then you can do up your bootlaces without bending down.

    I'd have been proud of my 2.5746 chevrons.
  4. 1st for 2½ years, second at 5 years, each extra per 5 years. So your 22yrs would be 5 - and I've seen more.

    They were also on Home Service tunics, but this may have lapsed as I've not seen so many about - maybe the tailoring is excessively expensive or they don't behave any more.

    Keep an eye out on the troop (10 June - just before England vs Paraguay)
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I also recall that in my unit it was down to the individual and they came off at full screw. many thought them not worth the queue at the tailors shop and also as you didnt get paid for them it just showed how long you had been a canteen cowboy!
  6. Nothing's worth it if you don't get paid for it.

    What was the difference betwen a lance sergeant's stripes and a sergeant's stripes?

    Apart from the rank and the money. Somebody once told me but I forgot.
  7. In Home Service L/Sjt is white linen chevrons, Sjt is Gold (silver HAC) & sash. Other orders it's the sash, also extra metal on peak of cap.

    No difference in C95 ?.
  8. Thanks whiffler.

    Wasn't there also different rules for each rank in the sergeant's mess or was that just mark one bullshite I was being fed?
  9. different rules in what respect ?.

    Ah, forgot to mention that the HAC grenade has HAC on the ball, but Sjt upwards it is gold and attached by screw through the ball. detail, detail.
  10. Sorry should have made it more clear.

    Seem to remember hearing a lance sergeant couldn't stay in the mess until shut tap so the access was limited. Limited access at do's as well.

    As I said it could have been bullshite but it's been eating at me all those years.
  11. I've not been aware of such rules - maybe something temporary or a particular battalion's custom.
  12. Regimental quirks aside, it's persoanl/boss's preference then? [There's nothing like concise dress regs, is there?] Not unlike jump wings in 49PARA. :wink: