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Was flicking through Queen's Regs for a laugh, and found reference to 'Good Conduct Badges' for 2 and a half years service. Apparently it's a chevron of sorts. I've never seen this, and any reference to it on the net is 'cav' or victorian. Has anyone seen or heard of these?
TaffYorkie said:
Was flicking through Queen's Regs for a laugh, and found reference to 'Good Conduct Badges' for 2 and a half years service. Apparently it's a chevron of sorts. I've never seen this, and any reference to it on the net is 'cav' or victorian. Has anyone seen or heard of these?
Curiously, I too have recently read this (the AGAI version I think). The image it conjoured was an Army full of Gunny Highways with ladders up their arms! - I'm sure there must have been an amendment to quash this nonsense - I hope!
We used to wear them on No2 dress jackets back in the 80s.We used to call them service stripes.They were the same as chevrons worn by L/cpls,Cpls and Sgts but worn upside down and on the lower right arm I thnk.

Some how I managed to get a couple myself.I don`t know if they are still used nowadays in the Bn,after all its not PC to reward good behaviour, and of course they could also be regarded as elitist.......TONY WOULD NAE LIKE IT!
Aye they were not uncommon in Scottish regiments in the 1960s through the 1980s. Ptes and L/Cpls were awarded them, each chevron denoted three years of service and good conduct. Back in those days when all soldiers had to show for umpteen operational tours was a single GSM ribbon (the extent of one's operational service apparent only when one wore the actual medal - though those with nine tours in Ulster still only had one bar!) the service chevrons along with marksmanship (crossed rifles), signallers, mortar, anti-tank badges, etc., broke up the monotony of the uniform and gave the soldier recognition for his service and experience. Pity they seem to have gone out of vogue.
Were still worn in Footguards/HAC very recently, although I did see something about fewer badges on Home Service clothing to prevent damage.

First is for 2½yrs, then 5, & every 5. So 3 = 10-14yrs. Only worn up to & incl Lance Serjeant (or is it L/Cpl?).
Just like you Sangreal I to was having an image of an army full of Gunny Highway's. I done a further bit of proding and apparently back in the day, a good conduct badge also brought a pay increase. Hadn't heard of them until I read regs, so they're still kicking about somewhere. I wonder if they still bring the pay increase. I know a few lads who would become very interested in good conduct badges if they did.
Devilishdave said:
No the watch dont wear them just the drum Majour wears upside down stripes.


I think you`ll find that the Pipe Major also wears upside down stripes too. So when did the Watch stop wearing service stripes? Are you BW?

I am quite sure also that one old sweat had four of said service stripes.
From an RN perspective...

GCBs are issued at 4, 8 and 12 year points (to a maximum of 3), and are worn the same way as Army corporal etc stripes - so a "3 badge AB" can be mistaken for a Sergeant by the uninformed. At 15 years you get the LS&GC of course, that is if your crimes remain undetected. You can be stripped of GCBs, but can 'earn' them back. Only worn on No 1 uniform, and Junior Rates only (can't recall if Petty Officers wear them ot not...).
We do wear them as petty officer's as well. Chief petty officers (staff sergeants) don't wear them. Of course, if you progress in your chosen trade and do well and get promoted, you can have great fun with corporals who mistake you for the RN equvialent of lance-jacks and try and give you shit. Oh, trust me, they don't make that mistake again!!!
Only time I ever saw any for real was in 1977 at my first unit where an old and bold Cpl Armr had two on his No 2 Dress. They were upside down chevrons but more like WW2 size than todays smaller rank chevrons and were on the lower left hand sleeve.


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Back in the early (very early) 70's I was 'tasked' by the OC to look up the Regs and find out how these awards should be made as we had a lot of 'old & bold' then. I spent hours going through QRs, MML, Pay Warrant and any other bit of paper lying around the Coy Offices and could not find a thing about Stripes, Good Conduct. Eventually (having built up my courage and receiving no support or encouragement from the CSM or other hangers on around the Coy Office) I went to the OC and informed him of my abject failure, actually (as a Pte) I made the mistake of suggesting they may no longer be available.

After about 10 minutes of 'character building' treatment from the OC (would be called bullying and harrassment nowadays) I was informed if I had gained enough experience to own one I would have known that the stripes were badges - not stripes. Well its obvious isn't it - it is the fecking army after all? 30 seconds later - letter and verse on who is and is not allowed Good Conduct BADGES!

OC put up a list of Jocks (Ptes & LCpls only permitted) to Bn HQ only to be informed by the CO that he did not want them issued to anyone in his Bn. End of story.
Never had them in QO HLDRS/HLDRS after the mid 70s. One CO in early 90s (bless the papers recently saying new recruits are football hooligans...sssh! you know who I mean...) asked about them but when informed that the Jocks hated them as they showed how long they'd been in without getting promoted, he dropped the idea and gave us all free mini torches for Chrimbo out of his own pocket instead.

(Then Sinn Fein complained that he'd issued us all with six foot batons...the bloody things were only three inches long but that's another story..ahem!)

(I'm still upset coz I never got the LS&GC...hiss!)
This is sort of the same but did we not used have wound stripes/badges aswell?? I realise I may be going back to the trenches but I am sure we used to issue them?

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