good chest rigs to wear over ospray?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by marcmvv, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know what the best chest rig/vest/webbin to wear over ospray? and also where to get it from?

    thanks for the help
  2. Any chest rig will fit over osprey. It's assault vests that don't fit. Loads of cheap ones on ebay.
  3. whats the best type of webbing to use out in Afghan?
  4. I thought Osprey came with attachments for pouches etc (?).
  5. Osprey does come with a few pouches. I prefer chest rigs as you can carry more mags, a water bottle, grenades and a little bit of other sh1te. Throwing everything in a day sack is all well and good until you have to leave it somewhere and don't see it again.
  6. This is the one you want, it's cheap and cheerful. Most of my Coy bought these for Telic 9.

    You want to replace the laces at the sides with the black elastic from the bottom of the 95 Jkt (Top Tip)

    It fits PRR, Phos, HE, Mags (A2) and FFD/CAT etc

    The pouches for the Osprey are OK and Free but not ideal.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Will that fit over osprey?
  8. Actually, there is a chest rig on the market with extended shoulder and waist straps to accomadate osprey, as well as an assault vest that will fit over same. But most guys seem to be buying leg mounted pouches as they are easier for vehicle ops, and not so 'torso-bulky'. The company that makes them also sponsors the infantry forum, if anyone is interested.

  9. Yeah it fits fine, no problems. The blokes using the 170/100 or 170/112 will get away with the supplied laces however 180/104 and above blokes used paracord, I used the elastic and it was really good.
  10. The ammo pouches that come with Ospret have poor fasteners. They are the same pattern as PLCE but smaller and fiddlier. They are rather more likely to come undone than you would like; it is worth getting some chunky velcro sewn onto the inside of the pouches so they can bge easily ( and securely ) fastened.

    I've also seen a fair few blokes about to go to Afghanistan buy magazine drop pouches; these are seen fastened to the upper left thigh, the idea being that its quicker to put an empty mag into this than back into a webbing / Osprey pouch.
  11. try, using the molle pouches made by blackhawk, you can get the pouches you need to suit the op, i used the tripple m4 pouch, this fits two IW mags each, the frag pouchs are execlent for the L109 and there is even a pouch for the red phos, all there fit to osprey, the raido puch will fit PMR.

    The viper vest is also a good bit o kit and will fit over osprey it comes with lace witch you adjust to suit yer build, fits the standard mag, no gren pouches though.

    Pm for details.
  12. I do not know how to link but check out:

    Post subject: Re: Issue Desert Assault Vests

    for a quick up date
  13. Hi guys.. sorry to chip in late but PLEASE dont buy that viper crap. Go for Molle rig over the armour, that way you can cut aboot with kit minus armour.
  14. What ever you do dont buy the VIPER stuff, it's siht.