Good Byeee!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Op_Int_and_Spy, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. When was the Sentinel R1 ever required to support operations in Afghanistan? It is yet another piece of 'Cold War' legacy equipment that the RAF brought into service years after it had any real use.

    I am not sure if this spells the end for 5 Sqn though; they are now operating the Shadow R1, which is proving its worth.

    The real question should be: What should the modified Bombardier Global Express business jets be re-roled to?
  2. If Sentinel R1 is withdrawn, 5 Sqn will still operate Shadow R1.
  3. You seem to forget that the majority of the funding came from the Army budget and the Int Corps couldn't 'man up' with the manpower.

    What shall we do with the airframes? I'm sure the PM, Dep PM, Defence Sec, Chancellor and CDS could have one each as VIP jet. Put all the big leather chairs and oak furniture back in, paint them white with a red flash down the side and up the tail, rob a few air stewardesses from VC-10/Tristar fleet, enrol into 32(The Royal) Sqn.....job done!
  4. OI&S, when i saw this thread entitled "good byeee", i must confess my first thought was that you had been offered redundancy :wink:
  5. Hell. I hope the opposition don't have any Fokker Triplanes! If they do then Shadow R1s fooked!
  6. Seeing as CMD has kicked MRA4 into touch, perhaps they could be re-roled as LRMP? Wouldn't need much, a couple of liferafts, an IR pod and a depthcharge or 2.
  7. I wish, I'd bite their hand off!
  8. Am I right in thinking that both Shadow R1 and Reaper were UOR? If this is the case, there will be no funding for either once the reason for the UOR ceases (i.e HERRICK closes).
  9. Ahh UOR's, don't you just love them? Lets buy a tool, use it once then try to bastardise it to do another job. Or better still chuck it in the garage with the rest of the 3/16 ring spanners.
  10. Not necessarily the end of 5 Sqn, although certainly the end of 5 as it is set up now. Just because they wish to get rid of Sentinel does not mean that they wish to lose the capability - put that capability in a RPAS, man it in a similar way to the Reaper squadron, and save a fortune in middle-ranking (FS/SSgt - Sqn Ldr/Major) salaries. A replacement would still need IAs, just not so many, and none with flying pay.......
  11. Any info on the Shadow? I didn't even know they'd started flying it. I remember when the guys at 5 started a rumour they were getting the Reapers, well 39 will be at Waddo so I suppose theyll be quite close.
  12. Oh right lets bin COIST then, or do a tour every 12 months?.........c*ck.
  13. Well, you could have tapped the TA for warm bodies like others did and are still doing ... just saying.