Good Bye

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gibson097, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. I did it ! I actually gritted my teeth and served out the frigging sentence. As of today I am a Mister no more AMS for me. not that I ever considered myself part of it, just stuck on some overly long hellish course.

    I would love to launch into a world wrenching tirade about the wastrels and lard arsed narrow minded genuinely negligent management but hey that would be impolite (consider it done anyway).

    Nice byes to the precious few excellent individuals of the AMS that I have met and befriended you are most worthy and wasted in your current environments.

    No fireworks or fire and brimstone frankly those of you it would be aimed at,
    your not worth it.

  2. Served your 22? Congratu-fcuking-lations mate. You earned it.
  3. Welcome to the real world!!!
  4. all the best Gibbo!
  5. Well done that man. Here - have this pension mate! :D
  6. well done and good luck
  7. Good Luck, enjoy!
  8. Well Done pal and good luck in Civvy Street.
  9. Well done. Enjoy life outside the green suit.
  10. how long had you done?
  11. D'ohh
  12. ??

    Could be anywhere between 3 and 22 ++!
    do you know how long gibbos done? be interesting to know how long he managed to 'grit his teeth' for.
  13. Second post says 22.
  14. second post is asking if he has done 22.

  15. He hasn't denied it.