Good bye Royal Scots and KOSB

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RCSignals, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. A very sad day.
  2. Its not like these regiments ever did anything for the British taxpayer...apart from that protecting them from various global and local threats over the last few hundred years, but in the broader "cost efficiency-streamlined-network centric" context... :roll:
  3. While I have every sympathy for the plight of the Scottish Regiments, where is the fuss over the English regiments that might also be consigned to the annals of history..?

    Not a peep, not a flicker! Does nobody care?
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not only that but it would appear that the voting was 5 to 1 therefore one of the so called Regimental Colonels from RS or KOSB must have voted out his own Regiment. Somebody pass the bug ger the mess Webley.
  5. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    You seem to be quite right. But if something is started they will have my full hearted support.
  6. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    As you may gather this is really gripping my S***. To think that the Germans, Japs and various other johnny foreigners have tried to get rid of the Royal Scots for years and it takes a tosser, Son of the Manse, from Fife to actually do it. I hope G Brown is pleased and that the people of his constituency vote him out, but as the Black Watch are, quite rightly, saying they have been saved, no doubt he will survive until the next time. Still hope he is consigned to the political wastebin. If for nothing else I hope T Bliar stays in office just to spite G Broon.

    Rant over, I might just bugg er off from work early and down a few drams in condolence.
  7. erm - i think he'll have burned quite a few votes. But then again his support comes from the socialist republic of Kirkaldy...s o you never know what is going to happen there.

    Remember the old saying - Tak a lang spoon tae sup wi a fifer

    so very very true 8O
  8. Royal Scots axed in Army shake-up
    By Tom Peterkin
    (Filed: 07/10/2004)

    The Royal Scots, Britain's oldest infantry regiment, is to disappear as a result of sweeping defence cuts that will see Scotland's historic regiments amalgamated into a single fighting force.

    Last night the Army announced that a Scottish super-regiment made up of five battalions is to be created from Scotland's six infantry regiments.

    The Royal Scots and the King's Own Scottish Borderers are to be squeezed into a single battalion - a move that will lead to two of the British Army's most distinguished regiments losing their separate identities.

    The remaining four battalions will be made up of the Black Watch, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the Royal Highland Fusiliers and the Highlanders, who will retain their names and cap badges.

    Soldiers representing the super-regiment, which is likely to be called the Royal Scottish Regiment, will wear a common uniform with discerning features that recognise the regimental origins of the battalions.

    It has yet to be decided how the historic origins of the Royal Scots and KOSBs will be marked, but it is almost certain that the merged Lowland battalion will be renamed.

    Major Liz McKinney-Bennett, an Army spokesman, said: "We could try and keep them separate within the battalion, but that just doesn't work. I would be very surprised if they went down that route."

    The change, announced after a seven-hour meeting of the Council of Scottish Colonels on Tuesday, spells the end of two regiments formed in the 17th century.

    The restructuring exercise was foisted on senior soldiers after the announcement in July by Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, that a Scottish regiment should be axed. The decision, arrived at by a brigadier and five generals, including General Sir Alistair Irwin, Britain's second most senior soldier, was condemned by those fighting to save the regiments.

    Jeff Duncan, the organiser of the Save the Scottish Regiments campaign, said: "It is not just the Royal Scots and the King's Own Borderers but all regiments which are disappearing. Whatever the colonels say, in three or four years no one will talk of the Black Watch or the Highlanders or any of the other regiments because they will have merged into this super-regiment, which will be further cut and trimmed at the whim of the MoD."

    Peter Duncan, the shadow Scottish secretary, said: "These cuts are unnecessary, dangerous and vindictive. They are a slap in the face to Scotland's servicemen and women and another example of Labour's savage cuts. We will reverse them."

    Angus Robertson MP, the Scottish National Party's defence spokesman, said: "This is nothing more than the latest in a series of moves which are downgrading Scottish military units and facilities. These moves are utterly inexplicable at a time of global instability and military overstretch."

    The recommendation of the Council of Scottish Colonels will be passed to the Director of Infantry by Oct 8 and forwarded through the Army's chain of command to the Army Board and MoD. Ministers are expected to rubber-stamp the recommendation in December.

    Meanwhile, the Conservatives' defence policy was thrown into confusion last night when the shadow defence secretary claimed that Michael Howard's pledge at the Conservative conference in Bournemouth to reverse Scottish regiment cuts was unworkable.

    The day after the Conservative leader promised to bring back the six Scottish infantry regiments, Nicholas Soames said Mr Howard had not spoken to him before making his promise.

    Mr Soames said: "I'm afraid he hadn't consulted me about that. It would not be possible to reinstate. I am telling you, once a regiment has gone, it cannot be brought back."
  9. No-one in uniform, or their families, has any business voting for New Liarblair. In fact, it is ther duty to vote tactically at the local level for other parties to deny seats to Liarblair candidates so that they get such a trouncing that Bliar is unseated. You can bet that TCH will be up against the wall with him! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. So who are the English Regiments for the chop?

    Have variously heard the M4 Rifles, Kings Own Royal Borders and a Lancashirish Regiment - Kings, Cheshires or Queens Last Resort perhaps?

    We should start SAVE OUR SCOUSERS now. Do you realise, if any of these regiments are disbanded hundreds of the little darlings will once more be roaming the streets of Britain (lock up your...)

    PS Purely out of self interest do check out the thread 'Election Special - VOTE NOW' to register your approval(!) of Bliar/Hoon/Broon (just posted my first new topic - jolly exciting!) .
  11. aye, i've always said, you never trust a fifer :evil:

    condolences to the Royals and Borderers from one who knows!

    Bydand against all adversaries!
  12. It would seem no on on the south side of the border has started a "Save the English Regiments campaign" At least not one that anyone knows about.
    I have read that the Black Watch RHQ had sent out a letter to all affected Regiments to join in the campaign. Maybe there is no interest in England.

    I do know that worldwide, the English Regiments do not have the support the Scottish ones do.
  13. There are a few references on the web to English campaigning, eg
    but nothing on the same scale as in Scotland.

    Our Scottish Infantry Regiments have long enjoyed a higher profile in their communities, compared to most of their counterparts in England. There are various reasons for this - historical, cultural, geographical, and in general, better support and understanding from our media north of the border.

    IMO the loss of ANY British regiment or regimental identity is just as sad, wherever in these islands they are recruited from.
  14. Apparently the Colonel of The Royal Scots voted for the merger. I guess he felt amalgamation was preferable to disbandment (the Royals were strong favourites to be offed as they were way under strength). At least as 1st Bn The Royal Scottish Regiment (1st&25th Foot) they will be spared from the next round of cuts. Apparently the KOSB representative Colonel left in disgust, after all HIS Regiment is fully manned!