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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Andi_Licious, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Iv just passed out as a Royal Engineer TA Soldier and was wondering if you guys could advise on some essential gear i could do with buying before i go on any 'proper' exercise's?

    Iv got the basic issued kit but is there anything you would reccomend i get?

  2. They'll advise against it but, if you can get your hands on you're own gun, that would help alot.
  3. thanks for your time
  4. a decent bluey
    decent boots
    decent socks
    When you go on EX you will see what kit people have, some cnuts go out and get all the gear but have no idea. build your kit up as you find you need it, dont buy something because its shiny, only buy useful kit. There is a lot of crap out there. Best thing to do is speak to your mates.
  5. A proper Exercise in the TA? does that include a bank holiday monday or somthing?
  6. I think he means that he's about to undergo a six week exercise compressed into a two week period.

    You've got to have been there to understand.
  7. Andi, if you've got a bottle opener, a cork screw, a chip pan and a Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife, the issue kit will suffice for anything else.


    Silly me. You just need the chip pan and Swiss Champ.
  8. Nightrained I realise your straight out the factory and on an Operational Tour so have a chat to some of the STABS out there who are probaby on their third or fourth tour and see if they only work Saturdays and Sundays. You are consistant with your dribble though and seem to manage to dig yourself a little hole whatever the forumn you go on (better sign that shovel out your store).

    Most useful bits of kit, Small flask (cup) and an unbreakable thermal mug (ok squaddies do manage it). A decent A4 nirex folder and a waterproofed note book. All the rest f the issued kit (to regulars anyway)is good enough, luxuries like Buffalo tops, softie jackets, sleeping bags are a personnel choice. Dont spend to keep up with the Joneses.
  9. My top buy is a Jetboil stove, fantastic for the UK but you can't carry gas on a plane and it is difficult to buy gas when you are on op's. :cry:
  10. If you've not gone one already, a metal 58pat mug. Also leathermans are nice and gucci - small and very useful. You'll find out what you need when you've had to do without it!
  11. Your own body armour.
  12. Go back to school please civvy, unless you have a sensible answer.
  13. Yeh! well said Iron.

    At least this guy is in the TA, not fcuking crèche! :x