Good books to read.


Looking for a few good books to get at Christmas as my parents always get me a few books. Preferably in the military/military history genre but open to suggestions. Also anyone know where i can get a copy of the stumpy and sapper book?
"Tank Men" by Robert Kershaw has been a recent high point. Lots of contributions from veterens & paints a very enlightening picture of those that fight under armour.

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The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer - an awesome account of the German Army on the Eastern front. Just finished reading it for the third time.


Part way through "Behind Enemy Lines", the autobiography of Sir Tommy MacPherson - recommended.


Finished War Dog by Damien Lewis (ISBN 9780751552294) this morning.
Great read and another good insight to the bond between man and dog in war such as I thought 'All about Treo' was.


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AFN Clarke, a Para Officer, wrote Contact about his Para platoon in NI in the 70s many years ago. It was done for TV. I watched it on Youtube some years ago, blissfully unaware that the ten-minute clips were out of sequence and it made no sense, but it generally gets good reviews from those who might pass an informed opinion. I recently found it for the Kindle. Not a bad read.


For a good read I'd recommend One Of Our Submarines by Edward Young, his autobiographical account of life in a submarine on active service during WW2. Gives a great account of what day to day life in a sub was really like.

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•Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger.
•Goodbye To All That by Robert Graves.
Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man / Memoirs of an Infantry Officer / Sherston's Progress by Siegfried Sassoon.

Three different takes on WW1. The Folio Society do nice editions of all- look in second-hand bookshops for them and pay about £10 each.
On the French Resistance theme, "Carve Her Name With Pride" - the story of Violette Szabo.

Warning: you'll blub like a baby but it's one hell of a (true) story