Good Books (factual)....whats your best read lately....????

Just looking at the "best line in films thread" whats the best (as in beliveable, factual, funny etc), military books you have know the ones that start you laughing out loud even when your sober and you just KNOW that the civvies will NOT understand when they ask you why your laughing!!!!!

This may have been done before but I canot be arsed to look through the threads at this moment in time!!!

To start off.......Firstly I will go for lots of " A Soldiers Song" - Ken Lukowiak -true stories from the Falklands. Here,s a bit -

"Any of you seen OC Support Coy?"

"Is he a tall guy, wears a helmet, got a gun, dresses in green camouflage?"

"Yeah, very f*****g funny come on, dont f**ck me about. Have you seen the f****er?"

"No, Why, Have you gone and f*****g lost him?"

"Hey.... I,m a ******* private, pal. I cant loose no f****r. If i,m lost its because some c***s gone and f*****g lost me!!!"

Secondly...."Terror in the Starboard Seat" - Dave McIntosh - a reluctant Mosquito night fighter navigator in WW2.

Here,s a bit also -

" A stray V-1 arrived at our airfield one night. We were sitting around in the B flight shack, when the tannoy came on and a calm voice from the control tower said " We have just been advised that a V-1 rocket is approaching the vicinity of the airfield. You will be told in plenty of time in case it is necessary to take cover in the shelters". Then, the enormous flame of a V-1 appeared over the far end of the field.

" And here comes the f*****g thing now" the tannoy screeched. Calm voice in his panic forgot to switch off the mike and we could hear tables and chairs going over in the control tower and the pounding of heavy boots down the stairs!!!!!

Remember guys.....if ya gonna post - Laugh with them, not at them......
I've just finished The Complete McAuslan by George McDonald Fraser. A total hoot, and I'm more than a little p'''ed off that my fellow mess members, who seem to have known about it for ages, didn't tell me of its existence. £10, 600 pages, bargain. The trouble is you will do no work for two days and be left wanting more.
excursion to hell!
sons of the reich-awesome
Another......."Freefall" sad but very funny, as Mc Nab said - "A cross between One flew over the Cukcoos Nest and Bravo Two Zero. All true by an ex 22 guy who totally lost it. Very, very sad postcript.

Freefall - Tom Read ( Charles "Nish" Bruce).
Just finished 'Winds of War' & 'War and Rememberence' by Herman Wouk.

View of a family of Spams covering the build up and length of WWII. Thoroughly recommended.
Wouk won the Pulitzer Prize for 'The Caine Mutiny', also a good read.
Not lightweight though.

I second Passing Bell's recommendation of Winds of War. Great book from a family POV.
Nearly finished "My War Gone By,I Miss It So" by Anthony Loyd,sure he's an Ex Green Jacket or LI Officer,all bout his time in the Balkans and Chechnya as a reporter.Excellant read.

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