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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Musyonoho, Dec 13, 2003.

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  1. :? Why is it that so often a really good bloke as a major, easy going; sense of humour, perspective and proportion becomes a complete twat on promotion to Lt Col in command? The same bloke inevitably turns into an amenable member of the human race again on further promotion - seemingly having just taken a short "carreer break" from the human race for 2 years (with some notable exceptions).

    Is there a bit in the CO Des cse that says that's what they've got to do?

    Example - a CO I know commented once that, even though he was commissioned with and had served almost all his career with, a certain individual, now that he was CO and this bloke was still a Major he would expect to be referred to by him as Colonel or Sir at work (fair enough perhaps) but also in the informal social environment of the CO's or the Major's home. :p

    :?: What's that all about then?
  2. Many years ago a CO had a bit of a marital problem and moved into my spare room. I can't remember once calling him anything other than Colonel or Sir - much to the amusement of my civvie friends.

    On of my Officer cadets from many years ago is now CO of his TA Bn and again I wouldn't dream of calling him anything other than Sir.

    What's the problem?
  3. I take it you've been passed over (again) then?
  4. :roll: No - not that I'm aware of actually. Don't think I'm yet qualified to be considered in fact. Back to the drawing board Fritz - oh, and nor have I been personally let down in this way by a Lt Col.

    This was merely me musing on an unfortunate aspect of human nature that manifests particularly where an individual has an over inflated opinion of the importance of his rank and position - a syndrome that seems particularly prevalent at the rank mentioned.

    Discussion point.
  5. It's really quite simple - it would be unfair for an officer in his position to allow his old mates to call him by his first name and to expect officers not so well acquainted to call him sir.

    More to the point you shouldn't compromise his position by calling him anything other than sir or Colonel.

    Many years ago I was informed, by a CSM, that the new RSM of the Regular Bn wasn't upto much cos he still let the CSMs call him by his first name. I think that says it all.
  6. As "a really good bloke as a major, easy going; sense of humour, perspective and proportion" [Mushroom - keep quiet] I would welcome the opportunity to see if I became "a complete t**t on promotion". Only in the interest of behavioural science you understand.

    As Mushroom will vouch, in our organisation there are a number of Lt Cols we have known for years as Majors. It tends to be first names in the bar (if you know them very well) and Colonel/Sir elsewhere. When in doubt, calling them sir is a safe bet.

    On a parallel issue, I been chatting to a stranger in the bar in Rheindahlen and they have introduced themselves as "John Smith". I have called him John all evening only to find in the morning that John was a full Colonel. For the rest of my stay there it was definitely "Colonel" in the bar.

  7. Two points
    1... there are two ranks that in 99% of the cases an individual deserves to be addressed by that rank upon achieving it
    WO 1 (RSM) .................................(except HD ..tee hee)

    2... Are you jealous?
  8. my apologies , I forgot to ask pemission to enter the mess :oops:
  9. We'll forgive you this time tigger as long as you get the drinks in.

    I just want to deny the fact that I am supposed to know Gas Gas Gas - never met the fella in me life - unless he's getting the drinks in.
  10. No proplem as long as they are real drinks none of that pims sh*te :lol:
  11. Young man if Mushroom makes the Pimms you will not call it shite, in fact when made to my special industrial strength recipe, it has been referred to as the equaliser, cos after two glasses everyone is at the same level.

  12. Appreciate the young man comment does my ego the world of good, but still it can never replace 25(minimun) year old single malt as a real mans drink :lol:
  13. PS...but would partake to be polite :lol:
  14. But what happens to officers wifes when they reach Lt. col rank? cos in all my time served, they either get an updated ( better looking)version of the same one they had as subbies, not that they are all bad looking.or there is cloning (with improvements0 going on..)
  15. The malt is for sipping with friends- the equaliser is for making acquiantances look very silly.