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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by D-Runner, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Was just wondering serving soldiers honest opinions about Army, like all jobs im sure its not all great, what pisses people off and what do you enjoy?
    ill Start just joining army waiting for my selection weekend (RLC) before i picked to go down the army path i also looked into RAF and navy. I noticed that raf regiment and other airman start on £1000 extra per yr after trainning. i dont understand why they should get extra money. ON the plus side im looking forward to having structured career meeting new people gaining new skills and being part of a team.

    (This is not a wind up so if people are too self proud to admit things that piss them off about there job please dont start personal attacks on me for starting the topic)
  2. You f ucking wa nker..... Well this is the NAAFI.

    Of course some things about the army piss people off. Having to get out of bed in the morning is a good example. I mean, why dont they just pay us to stay at home every month and give us a shout when we need to kill a few bods? Bit like the Fire Brigade. Be a lot cheaper than paying for barracks and training areas. And why cant we have jeans n t shirts for a uniform? It's all bollocks innit? Can just as easily unload a magazine full of death into some poor civvie wearing jeans as all that military clothing crap. Mind you, some of it does look the part. An gate guards an all that, why dont they pay some fu cking civvy security guard company to do all that. Proper fuc kin boring that is. As fer parades an stuff, that should be a small civvy company what does that, bit like the fat c unts on orses wot does the changin of the guards an olds my taxi up when I is goin to the iranian f uckin embassy.

    Apart from all that, it's easy street mate, as long as you dont have to go sandy side - but seasy ter squirm outta that if yer knows how.

    Welcome to the mob old chap.

    Toodle Pip

    The Gomp
  3. Its to compensate them for having to wear nasty arse clobber made from recycled National Express coach seat covers, and synthetic shoes that curl up in strong sunlight.
  4. That and having to ponce about pretending that they are fighting s (cough) oldiers.
  5. You get to kill babies, and rape foreign women. It's in the Army manual.
  6. Free Yorkies.
  7. * not just foreign wimmin, if yer a yank yer kin do the trouts yer werk wiv too.
  8. Chicken I loved the chicken roast, poached most ways of cooking chicken the army are great at it. Hates well marinated chicken its well poofy.
  9. Oh , and stagging on while the rest of the camp is on leave.
  10. Hope you shagged the chucks first.
  11. Did your mother never tell you not to play with your food!!!
  12. The Army certainly beats working for a living.
    You get to travel all over the world and see the worst parts of every country you visit.
    You get p1ssed in unusual and innovative ways.
    You get paid a good wage for doing what really amounts to a 32 hour week. (Less NAAFI breaks and lunch 2 hours.)
    You get to learn a trade and 1001 different ways to be bored.
    There is a better than average chance that somewhere along your carrear someone will try to kill you. (You have a much better than average chance of surviving to exagerate the tale at a later date.)
    You get to learn exactly what thye phrase "Beinf F*cked about" means.
    You get to lord it over civies.
    Your uniform and war stories impress the knickers off of cheap sluts.

    What more can you ask for out of a job?
  13. Reads: 'Couldn't grow a real man's tash' or 'Couldn't hack senior Brecon' :twisted:
  14. You get on the bus, then, you get off the bus. Repeat every time you have a bus journey.
    Enjoy crab air and the wonderful, helpful movers.
  15. The spelling.

    "Army" is much easier to spell than "Royal Air Force".

    "Navy" is easy to spell, too, but it's also easier to mispronounce.