Gonna be joining TA REME soon, got a few questions.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Watson, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Alrie guys. I went to the careers office the other day and I think I am gonna go for it and give my local TA centre a call next week. I will be calling the 146 Workshops Company REME in rotherham. I have been hoping to train as an Armourer as it sounds like an interesting role and the experience gained would be great for my civilian career.

    I got a few questions that I would rather ask on here and get destroyed online than do so face to face when I'm there and get destroyed in person. Because you guys are so nice like that :D

    Firstly, do certain TA centres only train certain roles? If I go to this centre will I have to choose from the roles they are able to train on site?

    What exactly am I meant to say when I call them up? The careers place was awesome at givine me advice but they just said call and didnt really give me any info on what to expect or what to say. (My fault for not asking at the time tbh but i was a little in shock still about some of the stuff they told me)

    Thirdly and this is where I am gonna get the innards scraped out of me im sure. The people at the careers office said they now had left handed SA80's. Now I have asked this before and got slaughtered but the people i spoke to where quite adamant they do exist but are generaly only given to those who especially need them. Is this true or was it just a load of gaff?

    Il assume the position now and hope for the best lol

  2. Good luck at the reme, left handed SA80's have been on issue for some time now.
  3. Did you practice holding the rifle upside down, and firing it that way? Works a treat once you get used to it.
  4. So you are the chosen one - Your SA80 actually fired...doffs cap....
  5. Ahh thanks for the replies guys. I cant believe they do left handed ones now, the last time i mentiond it on here i got ripped to shreds lol. This has opened up a whole new world of roles I can apply for as I am much more confident with my left eye. (I am left eye dominant and bad eyesight in right eye) Thanks!
    Looking forward to calling them tommorow (sunday) or monday if they dont answer. (Not sure what their weekend routine is)
    Gonna start fitness training Monday too, really looking forward to it.
  6. The trick is to rotate it round until you are looking down the barrel. Look right inside so you can make sure the round is going exactly on target as you fire. Some people reckon they can see the rotation of the round caused by the rifling of the barrel as they fire. Must admit, I'm not that good yet.
  7. Seriously now, what trade do you have and what can YOU bring to the TA. Why would being an armourer aid your civvy career?

    Is there still such a thing as a 'Sponsered or Specialist Unit', where you don't attend your local TA but travel and only had to do a minimum of about 28 days per year for your bounty?
  8. I got my interview tommorow, gonna go in and see what the crack is.

    Andy632 - My civvy career is digital artist (i make 3D assets, mainly for video games but can do any 3D work) I am a recent grad tho so am not professional yet. An Armourer would help me as it would give me unprecedented insight into the function and construction of various weaponry which I would give me an edge in my work as I wouldnt have to rely solely on low res internet pictures.

    As for what I could bring. I have no idea, i am joining to test myself and see if i am worth the life im given or see if i am another one of this generations'wasters' who is destined to stack shelves all his life. I've worked hard all my life in education to avoid working at supermarkets and shit, got out of uni in an economical crisis and theres shag all jobs inw hat i trained for so that leaves shit like shelf stacking. I am a superviros at Co Op and tbh while i dont mind the job it isnt what I wanna do with my life and unless something happens with my main career soon thats loking more and more certain. So the other day i looked at my life and thought balls to it this aint for me and decided to try out for TA to see if i can do something worthwhile.
    Unfortunately there isnt anywhere in the army that can use my skills so instead I decided to go for something totally different and went for a trade.

    As I found out the do left handed rifles now I AM looking at other roles as I hadnt properly considered them before, I will have to see what I feel is rite for me. I am also considering officer training if I like it and do well but until I putmyself to the test thats a pipe dream for now.