Gongs - Jingle Jangling for the use of:

Just trying to work what the record is for gongs. Not what you're thinking though!

I know of a thoroughly decent gentleman who has just completed his Colour Service. This gentleman had the unfortunate knack of been in the right place at the wrong time (or any variation of) for 22 years (his trade is currently deployed in over 25 countries).

His sum total of chest decoration? 15 years undetected crime and HM's 50th.

Can any 22 year man not on restrictive service beat that?
mmmmm, i know a certain Officer at our place, who has been in 20 years and has Jubilee and thats it! Not downgraded or anything.
My father in law got out with didn't get caught & Bosnia.

It happens.

Oh, and a certain SSgt in my Corps after 18 years has the QGJ. Thats it!
Damn, that is piss poor. Even my dog got his GSM for NI!

Still, saves a bomb on mounting & miniatures.
Had a colleague who got out after 26 years (just prior to the Golden Jubilee) with nowt on his chest (missed the LS&GC due to being caught in female accom too often).
My SO1 has battle of the Jubilee after nearly 28 years
Lucky buggers, save's on cost of mounting.
got told that I may be the only one in the army (non officer) with a MBE but will never get the not got caught

Thats a record to be proud of!

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