Gongs for the Royal Regiment

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Congratulations to LBdr Prout and Gnr Gadsby on their CGCs, well done lads

    Edited to add LBdr Prouts citation

  2. Bit of a dickwad aren't you, it's 'Royal Regiment' and you should be proud to use the correct title, you have heard of pride haven't you? :roll:

    Back on thread, congratulations to LBdr Prout and Gnr Gadsby, a very fine achievement.
  3. Bless him...I deduce from his username that he is a nig, very proud to have got to 7 and rightly so. His knowledge of the Royal Regiment at large will be therefore a bit limited. Eventually though the thrill of spending every penny he earns on maroon PT kit from the PRI will fade away and when he is posted to a field Regiment he will change his ID to AS90GNR.

    2 CGCs for raw gallantry. Very much in the traditions of the Royal Regiment!
  4. Well done guys
  5. no seriously well in to the lads
  6. As a complete aside, are 1st Bn RRS still stamping their feet and holding their breath every time we use the rightly earned title of Royal Regiment?

    They used to get decidedly chippy, statint, "We're the Royal Regiment" etc.
  7. He..He..Made me chuckle.
    Haven't heard NIG for what seems an age.
    Took me back a bit, still makes me smile.:)