Gongs for all

Electioneering off the courage of others, a very, very cheap trick and typical of the man and the government.
'Gordon Brown celebrates Courage'.

Personally I've always celebrated Watneys.

But what does he really want to do? Issue Gold Stars to stick on your jumper? Next he'll be offering free sets of crayons.

This is another pathetic attempt to raise his profile at the expense of others.

Yes, quite obviously our people should receive recognition for their service in quite appalling circumstances, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. What was wrong with the existing systems?
I'm surprised the baggage handler wasn't nicked for assault. Populist claptrap.
Is it just me, or does anyone else find it outrageous that Brown has the time to write a book whilst holding the office of PM?

Churchill loved painting, but only produced one picture during six years of war even at a time when travelling took longer and meant greater isolation from comms. Thatcher only slept about 4 hours a day whilst PM.

We are fighting 2 wars simultaneously and yet this pillock thinks it is appropriate to publish books pontificating about courage. He should be using his time to find ways of supporting those that are displaying courage, not writing about and making money from their deeds.
Fatty McBroooon, writing about courage ten minutes after filling his pants over a general election.
And as for new medals I would rather see the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan treated with dignity and care in a military hospital (amongst their own) when they are injured. Rather see the families supported properly when they are away, ie free parcels to BFPO numbers. Rather see the right equipment being sent to the right places and finally before i get off my soap box, see the government stop treating the public with utter contempt and talking down to the public like fools. Thank you!!!
If one thing really annoys me (well, many things do, but....) it's a spineless politician hanging onto the coat tails of the courageous.

Especially when his lot got us into the mess in the first place. War against terror? Yes sir, Mr Bush.
Brown is a coward of the highest order. He's run away from every major political challenge in his career.

He is cynically trying to create a vicarious association with courage in the eyes of the electorate.

Brown courageous? It's like Hitler claiming to be compassionate.
Not quite so courageous when it comes to discussing Human Rights issues with Saudi Arabia though. Or is it simply, he who pays, can do what the feck he wants. Spineless Fatherless.
BuckFelize said:
I'm surprised the baggage handler wasn't nicked for assault. Populist claptrap.
Im with you on that one, the REAL hero ended up in hospital with burns and a broken leg after trying to bring down TERRY outside the airport, therefore didnt have the time to heroically hang about for the next three hours waiting to give interviews to every news agency that turned up.

It did annoy me ever so slightly (by that i mean i got the rage) when Brown hung his hat on Smeaton's self agrandising interviews, by informing the world that "our country owes him a debt of gratitude"

Shame he never Owed any of our boys who came back in a box a debt of gratitude!!

Bitter i know
It is easier to have a medal struck and dished out, than to address:

the problem of caring for our wounded and disabled.

the parlous state of much of our Armed Forces accommodation.

the national disgrace of the delays in the inquests of our dead.

recruiting and retention.

and many, many other 'problems' that clutter the 'in-tray' of the PART-TIME Secretary of State.

Are people beginning to see what a gormless, vacuous chancer 'Bottler' Brown is? He is in the same league of uselessness as his appalling predecessor whose name thankfully escapes me.
jimmys_best_mate said:
He also urged military chiefs to come up with a firm recommendation for a special medal to honour British troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Don't we already have one of those for both countries?
Yes we do - I know people from Telic 1 who have only just received theirs! They have since done several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan! :roll:
"One proposal, launched in Parliament by Kevan Jones, the Labour MP for North Durham, is for a British version of the American "Purple Heart" award for those killed or injured in action."

The Americans get purple hearts for any injury in a "warzone", even if they slipped getting out of the shower :!:

I for one don't want to see the medals that have truly been earned smothered by a load of 'bling', given away free with a bag of smarties! :pissedoff:
I doubt 'Bottler' Brown has the faintest clue about which medals are currently being earned. His sole interest will be in how much they cost!

'Purple Heart', Purple Arse more like.

Is this the same ludicrous, well-balanced oik, who spends our tax money asking stupid questions relating to ski-training, and, how many chairs there are in a general's quarter.

Come on you sons and grand-sons of the D.L.I - bin this poltroon a.s.a.p.
Well Fcuk Me!! What a load of bollox! Who the Hell does that unelected unrepresentative Scottish Cnut think he's fooling?

Brown no more wrote that spiel than I did - it's clearly the work of some simpering little lickspittle 'researcher' doing the bidding of Ed Balls or some other similar Brownite henchman!

It fcuking stinks! How dare he? ESPECIALLY at this time of year......

...... come back Guy Fawkes - all is forgiven!
The very same Kevan Jones who last week complained that the CDS spent £200 K in entertaining over a two year period (MPs on average claim £140K in expenses a year).

Both he and Broone are constantly trying to divert attention from their own failings.

Mechanisms are already in place to recognise and award heros in fight against terrorism. Broone has effectively bounced this back to military - when they come back with a proposal, his accountants will demand to know where the money will come from. "Of course you can have more medals - which quarters shall we neglect to pay for them?"

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